Had the windows open all day :)

Hi there Friends  🙂

Wow we have had awesome weather today in the 70’s , It was so nice to have the windows open for the fresh air.  We had a busy weekend with Melissa and Sierras birthday celebrations and this weekend was the flea market so the kids and I tagged along. I was able to find gifts for both Sierra and Melissa in the process. We also had 2 trips to the Doctor with Ariel. She is a nail biter and had been picking at her nail. on friday it looked irritated like your nail would if the hangnail was pulled off but by saturday evening it was so swollen she couldn’t bend her finger ,so off to the hospital we went they gave her antibiotics and explained how to soak it ect . Sunday morning it looked about the same so I loosely wrapped it just in case she hit it or if it started to drain….. Well by the afternoon her finger tip was purple and greenish looking ,so off to the hospital we go again and this time the numbed her finger and lanced a channel and squeezed the nastiest stuff from it and again said keep soaking it . This morning it looked much better but after school it was nasty again so brian pricked it with a needle and it drained a bunch more. Yuck eeeeee stuff.  They are treating it like MRSA since she had it last summer and most likely she can be a carrier???? All I know is I hope it gets better soon. On a bright note I think the flu bugs are leaving our house  YIPEE   🙂   Lynn are you getting the warm weather still ? I have seen the daffodils blooming around here. Do you have things sprouting in your garden already ? I think I am going to try my hand at some container gardening this year I will have to keep you posted on my progress. I text messaged Leslie today I havent seen any posts from her in a while and want to make sure she and Joe are ok. I will let you know what I hear.   OK I am off now as it’s getting late and  I am supposed to be getting ready for bed but wanted to check on you and Leslie.  Take care and I hope you are all feeling well.

Love and hugs,


2 thoughts on “Had the windows open all day :)

  1. It is one thing after another with children isn’t it? That finger did sound nasty though and hope that now it will heal well.
    Kimmy lost her first milk tooth today! She has been worrying several of her teeth to loosen them as most of her friends have gaps now and she didn’t want to be the odd one out 🙂 Anyway she bit into an apple and out popped her tooth! So it will be going under her pillow, better to lose her tooth than have a nasty cut and bruised finger as she did last week after slamming a door and trapping her finger in it. Kim is a great drama queen and has a degree in door slamming!! She had a test at school today supposed to be for the next year up and she passed it with flying colours so she has been entered for a higher test – this was in maths. She is above average for reading and English – at a level expected of 8 year olds and she is only 6 years old 🙂

    Her cousin Liam is also flying through his school work and he hasn’t been at school for a year yet! Two little Einsteins 🙂

    It has been sunnier today but the last few days have been pretty dank and chill because of the fog so it was nice to see the sun. I must admit to not doing much gardening lately as we have been quite hectic here with grandchildren and parts of the house need to be painted too. Oh joy! I shall be so glad when the house is sold.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Ariel’s finger 😦 That had to have hurt. Poor little girl. I bet the both of you were quite scared seeing the odd colors it was turning.

    Spring is here and it is so good to open the windows and get the stale air out and replaced with fresh good smelling air 😀

    Looks as though the birthday celebrations went well. You and your girls off for a Ladies Day Out :D.

    Enjoy the great weather. I’ve got to catch up on your blog to see how your stay at the Villa went.

    Love you – Leslie

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