Loving this warm weather

Hello out there in blogland  🙂

How are you all faring? We are getting along well at our house, the kids seem to be over the flu and yuckies. Ariels finger is healing nicely. Now to keep her from biting her nails to avoid this happening again. I have tried keeping them poslished uit that did not detour her.  The weather around our area has been amazing almost 80 yesterday !!  The kids have been outdoors playing so bed time has been a breeze. They are out almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  The  kids are getting really excited about our trip I think next weekend I will start getting things ready. We will be staying in a villa and have a full kitchen so I can cook our meals, now to think of what we will eat  🙂  Plus I want to get a small crafty stash so I can play in the down time. I will try to post a link to where we are going and you can check it out if you’d like . We have been there once before  with our adoption group , They had a special grant to take the first 50 families who responded and we just stayed overnight. This time we will be there for 3 days. This is our  first vacation in several years. The weekend in Champaign a few weeks ago  was what the kids wanted for Christmas this year so we just saved for it and only did stockings at Christmas time.  Summers are usually harder for us since Brian is off from driving the school bus and we rely only on what Brian earns on his Ebay sales. so we figure we should get it in over spring break. The small ones will  be with the other grand parents while we are gone so they get a vacation too.  Well the smallish ones are needing some attention so I had better let you go.   Take care and hopefully you are all getting some nice spring weather.

Love and hugs to you,



Here is the link to where we are going.      http://grizzlyjacksresort1-px.trvlclick.com/


2 thoughts on “Loving this warm weather

  1. Your holiday resort looks great, just the place for the kiddies to let their hair down and have fun while you and Brian relax. I hope you all have a great time.
    We are still not getting any warm weather yet but it looks hopeful for next week, keep our fingers crossed! But then I shall have to go out and do some work in the garden when it does get warmer and at the moment my motivation is at an all time low! I really can’t be bothered. Off shopping for paint tomorrow..how’s that for excitement?? It cant beat your holiday weekend that’s for sure 🙂
    This evening Kim and I baked biscuits (cookies) for Kim to give her mum for Mothering Sunday. She had great fun and the kitchen looked as though the flour bag had exploded:)
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. I remember reading about Ariel’s swollen and infected finger. Yikes! Poor girl. I can so relate to her. I used to chew my nails until they bled. When they hurt too bad to just move them through the air I replaced my nail biting and chewing with my hair. I was a total mess as a kid.

    A nervous habit that is really, really hard to break. Poor little punkin.

    Looking forward to hearing about your family vacation. Sounds to be one the children, Brian, and you will remember for quite some time. It is good to have special family times together like this. Enjoy!!

    Love you – Leslie

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