Mom’s home from the hospital :)

Hi everyone sorry for not answering comments  lately. Mom came home from the hospital after 10 p.m. last night ??? I have never heard of someone being released so late. Anyway she’s home and I was able to get her prescriptions filled and to her since my sister is working all day long and neither of my brothers can drive.  It is very hot and the two small ones were cranky being cooped up in their car seats and Grandma’s house has so many new things to explore and it made Mom very nervous having them puttering around and I am worn out keeping them all under wraps. The kiddies will be home in a bit so the little ones will have someone to play with before Melissa gets here around 4:30. Jordan is on his way to Missouri escorting some kind of hydro something or another I remember it has something to do with a dam and will over night with it and be home sometime tomorrow evening if everything goes well  without any unforseen problems. The kiddies are excited and counting down the days til our trip  🙂  I have yet to come up with a menu or more importantly my crafty stash  🙂  lol  I am a planning freak so to keep myself happy I had better get my rump in gear.  Better rush off here I hear the kids now.  have a great day everyone  🙂


Love to you all with many hugs,



2 thoughts on “Mom’s home from the hospital :)

  1. That was late to be released from hospital Shelly. Surely it would have made sense to wait until the following morning. Hope your mum improves healthwise.
    I can just imagine all the children getting excited about their forthcoming holiday 🙂 Great fun to be had.

    Our weather has decided to warm up now, it was gorgeous today so I got caught up on the laundry and hung it outside to dry then made a start on mowing the lawns but after doing two large areas the lawnmower decided to play around so I need my Mr Fixit to take a look at it. All the birds are singing away and lots of lovely spring flowers are coming into bloom
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Hope your Mom is doing well now that she is home. Really odd time to be released from the hospital.

    Your family seems to be faring well. The kids were all excited over the trip to the water park. I looked at the website you had linked. That place looks like tons of fun! I’m sure you did get your lists made and all packed well in time to leave. Hope you all had fun!!

    Love you – Leslie

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