Almost spring break !! Yipee

HI Friends  🙂

Sorry for the long periods of silence but things have been busy around here. Tomorrow is the last day of school til April 2 and I am very ready for the break. March is a busy month Birthday month around our neck of the woods. Ariel had her finger checked and finished her antibiotics today but I can’t get her to stop biting her nails and fingers. I was told to put hot sauce on them to detour her from putting them in her mouth?? not sure if we will try that. WE have parent teacher conferences tomorrow night for all 3 kids to get their grade cards. Oh yeah I had my hair cut off today  🙂 lost about 6 inches and gonna put some coloring on it tomorrow I will feel like a new woman  🙂  ( having quite a few grey ones showing up lately ) The weather has been quite warm not that I’m complaining but we have started to see the ants already in the house not sure what to do but keep everything all sealed nice and tight. My Mom is feeling better and has to use her oxygen on 3 litres when she is resting and 4 when she is moving around. She has a follow-up in a few days I’m hoping for a good report.  Lynn I was happy to hear that nice weather has finally come for you. Lovely to see all the beautiful flowers springing up but a bummer that the mower decided to go on the fritz. Hope your handy man gets it up and running in a jiffy. Is Rod on the mend from the bug ?WE havent mowed yet but it is needing it. I think its time to get the summer clothes out of storage and all washed up and put the winter ones away. Good thing about summer stuff it makes laundry time easiesr on me  🙂 Leslie hope things are going well with you and Joe?  Although I have been absent on here  you are all in my thoughts.


lotsa love to you both



2 thoughts on “Almost spring break !! Yipee

  1. So glad to hear that your mum is doing okay and that the finger has healed for Ariel. There used to be a product available here that you could paint on nails like a nail varnish which was to help stop nail biting, it apparently tastes bitter. I was a terrible nail biter until I took up embroidery – you can’t sew and bite your nails! Now they grow so quickly I am having to trim and file them frequently. Fortunately all my nail biting didn’t deform the nails and they are very strong!

    Yes the lawn mower is now fixed thanks to my very own mechanic 🙂
    You quite made me laugh talking about your few grey hairs, my hair is virtually white now – sort of silvery white. I started going grey in my 20s, I used to have black hair! So now here I am in my mid fifties and white haired, no wonder some people think I’m older than I am 🙂 Now why couldn’t I have inherited my father’s genes? He and his parents never went grey haired at all, all stayed black haired.

    When are you all off for your holiday?

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. I suppose at this stage as long as she can keep moving around is a good thing, sad to know she has to have oxygen continuously.

    Ariel and her nail biting. I used to bite my nails. It is such a habit and almost like a physical addiction. My nails used to be bitten down so close to the quick but I still had my fingers in my mouth.

    The hot sauce thing may seem to be a really mean trick to you but it could help Ariel to break the habit of putting her fingers in her mouth. The hot sauce isn’t going to hurt her. Only make her lips and the tip of her tongue sting for a little bit. There was a product called “NIX”. A nail polish that had a really nasty taste. Sour and bitter. Almost as bad as vomit. Didn’t smell like it but it tasted nasty. That helped me to stop chewing my nails.

    Love you – Leslie

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