Saying Hello…………….

Hi out there in blogland  🙂

Well spring break is officially over tomorrow and I must say part of me is happy to get back to the regular routine and the other will miss the fun we had.  I have taken soooo many pictures it will take me a bit to get the ones I want to post all down sized and uploaded. Lynn Congratulations on your big win from Saras blog , looks like you will have many new toys to play with. I was very happy to see all your project posts.  This must mean you are feeling much better. I will have to check out your link soon I have been busy trying to get my house back in order. How is it that so much gets  displaced when we aren’t even home ????   I have the kids working on their rooms nd I will tackle mine after the little ones go home today we only have them for a few hours today. I was excited to see them yesterday and they were happy to see us too  🙂  We have been able to meet up with Jereme our oldest son and have dinner a few days ago and met up with Heather  last night for dinner. Jordan and Melissa took care of PJ while we were away so I got to spend time with all my kiddos this week.

I texted and called Leslie and havent made contact with her. I hope all is well with her and Joe. I am really concerned about her.  I think I’m going to fold up laundry and do the dishes I can do that while the kiddos run around me  🙂

Take care

much love and many hugs,



2 thoughts on “Saying Hello…………….

  1. I’m so glad to hear you all had tons and tons of fun. You and your little family together. Time to relax and just enjoy each other. Getting back home to the rest of your family sounds like it was enjoyable.

    Glad to hear your boys and their families are doing well and you got to spend time with them after your absence. Makes everyone appreciate each other better….for a while anyway 🙂

    The school year is just about over and that means summer heat is coming 😦

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Our grandchildren started their Easter break last Friday and are off school for a fortnight but the weather has turned horrible – cold, wet and we even had a covering of snow this morning although it did disappear fairly quickly. The weather is going to start warming up again by the end of the week so hopefully the children will enjoy some lovely outdoor things before school starts again.

    So glad you all had fun and that you have enjoyed tme with all of your children. Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder 🙂

    I was so pleased about my win I just couldn’t believe it and it is a fantastic prize. I received it last Friday..there are Martha Stewart punches, a huge set of unmounted rubber stamps and my very first Distress Stains to play with. Lots of other things in there too 🙂
    Rod and I are feeling better than we have done but this flu type bug doesn’t go away completely, we still have awful coughs (and Rod doesn’t smoke!) and the runny noses and feeling yuck still come back. At least my crafting mojo has returned from its break 😀

    I am so pleased to have Leslie back in our lives, really missed her and I missed you too whilst you were away 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

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