Its a wet and grey day around our area but we are making the best of it. Kids and I are finishing  our movie then off to craft with a few chores scattered though-out. The girls will help with the laundry as it finishes up and Will has done dishes and taken the trash out. I think I coax Brian into the vacuuming when he gets home  🙂  Well Movie is finished and we are off to play   Yippee  !!!


Hugs and Love’



Feeling so much better

Today I feel so much better after having the packing in the dry socket. I was able to sleep far more than I have in a long while. I hope to have a great weekend hiding out in my crafty area playing with my stuffs  🙂  Hop  are all felling well and enjoying your day. Much to catch up on since I have been doing pretty much nothing around the house this week. Brian the  kids will help me this weekend and we will get it all done quickly.

I hope to be able to post again later tonight. Had some thought sparked with the macaroni challenge video Leslie shared. Oh Lynn I did see the marble technique not on Stamp tv but that’s where I got my idea for the noodles I used.    I had some ideas sparked by your Atc share too.  When I popped over to Maureen’s channel I found your spellbinders storage tips Have do the rest of you store yours? I had thought of the magnet sheets or strips. I have some in my stash and may try something with them too. I want to be able to see what I have but space is my issue. The big shot has to be dug out from other stuff and the dies ect. are all together but it’s under stuff too. I usually set the machine up on my bed to do my cutting. I guess if the small ones stay playing nice here with me , maybe I will troll for some more ideas on this. Will keep you posted.


Love and hugs to you all,


See the dentist at 9:00 this morning

Got a call to come in at 9 so hopefully this will all be sorted out and I will be on the mend later this morning  🙂  fingers crossed.

I have the weekend off so some crafting may be a real possibility and maybe just maybe I can get the kids video up of their projects.

I kept my small ones over night and need to wake them we all stayed up late watching Alvin and the chipmunks 2 the squeekual ? It was really cute but the kids were all kinda sluggish this morning. we only have 16 school days ahead then it will be a home work break !!!  Horray for me !!! Now that also means Brian will be home more too.   I will post later after I get back home. Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs & Love,


MMMM …. Mashed potatos……and gravy

Didnt get any crafty time in tonight but got to go have some mashed potatoes and gravy outside my house so that was a nice treat.  I am getting sick of pudding and ice cream. I’m not a big sweets eater and am missing my veggies. Cant wait til this mouth of mine heals up. The not talking thing gets me too since the small ones need alot of talking too…… no don’t do that….that’s not a good choice Levi…..you get the picture 🙂  such a busy little man needs lots of attention and I have received many bumps in the jaw area today as it goes with that Murphy’s law thing. Brian says be on the look out expect the hit. I tell him that little guy is fast ( i don’t know how thats possible since his little legs are so short) and he gets me on the blind side.   He is so cute though with the Nanna I sorry here me kiss it give you a kiss. He is such a sweetie.  Sierra on the other hand is much calmer. I have had many good laughs today from them. Sierra says to me Nanna do you know why I call little Jason little Jason? No I say to this she answers very matter of factually because he is smaller than his Daddy Jason. The logic of 4 year olds. Another thing today I had her alphabet outlines laminated so she can practice her writing ( one of the things she scored low on in testing,she is left-handed and was writing for them right-handed ??) so I had to make a chart for Levi not to be left out so I did a shapes one for him. As I was drawing the shapes she is naming them all and I get to the end  she says Hey show him how to make a trapezoid to which I replied I don’t know what a trapezoid looks like. So around here I think the game should be called are you smarter than a 4-year-old??  Way funny stuff. True that if you don’t use it you lose it.  One more before I let you go for the night. Jordan called me while on the mashed potato run to tell me that Levi was falling asleep at the dinner table and Melissa was coaxing him to wake up and eat his chicken he kept saying I cantttttt. The next time she asked him he said I can’t I’m allergic  LOL  Where did that come from.??  He finally did eat and fell asleep while getting washed up Guess I wore him out as much as he did me today.  Hope you are all having a good evening.

Love & Hugs,


Diamonds are a girls best friend ;)


the dress, shoes, hand bag,  are made with my macaroni challenge paper.  I was able to make a few more papers with actual macaroni I used perfect plum reinker a retired stampin up color and added a few drops champaign shimmer paint added a few macaroni and shook it like crazy. I think this is my favorite paper from the lot so far. I don’t know if you can see the shimmer or not but it is very pretty in real life. The stamp set is an old stampin up hostess only set and I love all the images in it named Haute Couture. I used the spell binder die to cut the lady image and colored her lips with a metallic pencil another discontinued stampin up product. The hanger I made using 26 gauge wire again a retired Stampin up product called wire works. I added rhinestones in her earring and  decided she needed a necklace too. I had a nice day Brian took the kids away most of the day so I could just have some much-needed time alone. I have come to the conclusion that talking causes my mouth to hurt pretty bad so having them away really helped with that. I was able to clean off a spot in my area to play for a few hours. Yup the card took that long I had a real mess to pick up but had a very fun time rummaging through my toys.  Thanks Leslie for the challenge I need to grab up my clay and give it some attention too I was really inspired by Lynn’s atc card. Ok enough blabbering I am off to bed I have my small ones early tomorrow and I need to be ready for them.

Love & Hugs


tooth update.

 Well 24 hours later I feel terrible but in a different why than before. Seems I have long thin roots that didn’t want to budge cracked or not. The procedure took quite a while and the Dr. said it was one of his harder extractions and I should expect to be bruised and swollen which I am.  He said I had bones like cement which I take as a good thing since the obgyn, Dr. was worried about the state of my bones being post menopausal and thats when we as women have alot of bone loss. So I am plugging along, using the pain meds as directed and trying to find something appealing to eat.  I hope you are all faring well. Leslie and Joe keep safe and take care. Lynn and Rod hope you are having nice weather to enjoy your garden. Any news on the sale of your home ?  Have a great day everyone.  


Love and hugs to you all,


Ok let’s try this again…………………………………………

Well I made all three videos public so  I hope I don’t make anyone motion sick  🙂   I can’t seem to find editing stuff you know cutting this out speeding this out ect but I am an a mission to learn how to do that.  Leslie I have to say we still havent worked on the kids video for you but they have been such finks lately we are not getting much of anything done 😦 I think they are ready for summer break and I know I am !! I am a bit nervous about the tooth but know it will feel so much netter in the end. I will be getting it done at 10 in the morning. They had a cancellation and I am thankful since the pain meds prescribed by my dentist only make me have terrible stomach cramps and throw up. Yucky  😦  So I am back to square one using orajell to numb around the gum and Tylenol. I am such a whiney thing arent I ??  🙂   I ended up with some neat papers and want to use them but don’t think that will happen tonight. We have the small ones so I want to get the book bag packed for our outing with everything Brian may need for them.

I am off to shower and maybe watch some tv with Brian then hop into bed for a good nights rest.

Leslie,Hope Joe is still feeling well, Happy you got some of the trucks delivered and are keeping safe.  Loved Lynn’s posts and will be watching closer for new ones.   Take care friends

Love to you all,