the tale of using a new camera :)

HI there  🙂

OFirst off I need to reuploal the 3 videos I made because I cannot get the yellow and green band of color off the bottom Not sure what I did because the ones on my computer are fine ?? Second I am going to get another one done tonight with the other paper I made with this challenge and maybe get a card or two made to.  I think I will be off my game for a few days I have to have a tooth extracted tomorrow morning. Long teeth saga around my neck of the woods I explain some in the videos. I will explain more withthe next video since it seems to be a long winded tale and the kids dont let me have much typing time   🙂    ok lets try this again Here is the link I think it seems to be better. the videos are by link only since I dont want to hear the bla bla stuff from those of you who arent my friends so I will add the other 2 or 3 links to this post also after I get them converted hopefully this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “the tale of using a new camera :)

  1. Ooh Shelly I don’t envy you having a tooth extracted – have had some of that in more recent years and hate it. I used to be a denal nurse so I know what is happening which makes it all much worse!
    Saw your comment on Leslie’s blog about me being missing in action! Now I’m still around but haven’t done a blog post for a while must do that soon as I have lots to put on. I did put several posts on my blog recently though just not in the last week or so.
    I will try and watch your videos soon – not this evening as my connection is slow, it seems that Thursdays are always the worst for my internet connection and can only assume that there must be rubbish on television so everyone tries to get online!!!!!!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of your migraines and now a broken tooth. Seems like everyone is having some kind of run of over the top unusual expenses right now. My poor Friend, wish I could help. Hopefully you will be feeling fantastic in the next few days and remain so for a long time.

    Leaving comments on WordPress blogs can be a PITB. You are not doing anything wrong. I’ve had the exact same trouble as you. My fix is to first sign into my blog and let it fully load. Next I open another window in my browser then go to my e-mail accounts and click the blog posts to comment on from there.

    While my blog is open in the background the crazy thing works just fine. Go figure.

    I had so much fun watching you shake the box with your noodles and ink. Awesome tip to temporarily affix the cardstock to the inner lid of the Stampin’ Up! Box!!

    Wow!! That turned out way cool!! I love it. You mentioned you had uploaded three videos. I have to go find the other two. By the way, I watched the Tagratelli (whatever and however it is spelled) and Mellow Moss video.


    Love you – Leslie

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