Ok let’s try this again…………………………………………

Well I made all three videos public so  I hope I don’t make anyone motion sick  🙂   I can’t seem to find editing stuff you know cutting this out speeding this out ect but I am an a mission to learn how to do that.  Leslie I have to say we still havent worked on the kids video for you but they have been such finks lately we are not getting much of anything done 😦 I think they are ready for summer break and I know I am !! I am a bit nervous about the tooth but know it will feel so much netter in the end. I will be getting it done at 10 in the morning. They had a cancellation and I am thankful since the pain meds prescribed by my dentist only make me have terrible stomach cramps and throw up. Yucky  😦  So I am back to square one using orajell to numb around the gum and Tylenol. I am such a whiney thing arent I ??  🙂   I ended up with some neat papers and want to use them but don’t think that will happen tonight. We have the small ones so I want to get the book bag packed for our outing with everything Brian may need for them.

I am off to shower and maybe watch some tv with Brian then hop into bed for a good nights rest.

Leslie,Hope Joe is still feeling well, Happy you got some of the trucks delivered and are keeping safe.  Loved Lynn’s posts and will be watching closer for new ones.   Take care friends

Love to you all,



2 thoughts on “Ok let’s try this again…………………………………………

  1. Oh good luck with your visit to the dentist Shelly and so sorry you have had so much pain. Tooth ache is so awful.
    So sorry you are getting negative comments with your videos – there are some very sad people out there and what they have to say isn’t worth worrying about – just feel sorry for them! I recall seeing a not particular nice comment left for one video and the ‘owner’ replied that she was sorry that the commenter felt so unhappy and hoped they cheered up soon. Thought that was a brilliant way around it 🙂

    I must go and hunt out your videos and see what you have come up with 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • I havent gotten any yet but these videos are kinda wacky 🙂 alot of shaking and noises but it was all in good fun and I have some great papers to try out.
      checked out the card making paradise site Pretty awesome stuff on there. I will have to see about subscribing to it.

      hugs and love,

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