tooth update.

 Well 24 hours later I feel terrible but in a different why than before. Seems I have long thin roots that didn’t want to budge cracked or not. The procedure took quite a while and the Dr. said it was one of his harder extractions and I should expect to be bruised and swollen which I am.  He said I had bones like cement which I take as a good thing since the obgyn, Dr. was worried about the state of my bones being post menopausal and thats when we as women have alot of bone loss. So I am plugging along, using the pain meds as directed and trying to find something appealing to eat.  I hope you are all faring well. Leslie and Joe keep safe and take care. Lynn and Rod hope you are having nice weather to enjoy your garden. Any news on the sale of your home ?  Have a great day everyone.  


Love and hugs to you all,



4 thoughts on “tooth update.

  1. Your newest post finally showed up in my blog roll.

    I’m so sorry you are hurting from your dental ordeal. However I’m happy to hear you have strong bones.

    Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Won’t do much for the pain but it will aid in healing. Another thing, this will be the hardest thing, try to keep your tongue from digging around in the empty space. Experience offered here. Your gums will heal quicker if you leave it alone.

    Hope the pain goes away quickly and the swelling as well.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thanks Leslie I am babying this thing big time. the stitches today seem to be more sore and my jaw is still really tender. I am using the pain meds as directed and hope that I heal up quickly. par for the course but something I dont want to do again 🙂 I have another tooth the regular dentist said looked kinda shadowy ?? so the first chance I get I will have that baby checked out too I’d rather have a filling anyday !!! Thanks for the advise and checking in on me I really appreciate it.

      Higs and love,

  2. Hope you are a quick healer too Shelly and that the pain is soon a memory. As Leslie said rinse your mouth well with warm salt water – learned this from when I was a dental nurse. It helps with the healin process and removes any debris that might lodge in the cavity. At the moment all you can do is take plenty of pain relief.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Been rinsing like advised and taking it really easy. Today I gently brushed my teeth and it was great I felt like I had horrible breath and yucky feeling teeth, I used the guaze like advised before but it just didnt seem to do the trick. I have been using the pain meds like prescribed and hope this passes quickly it does hurt quite a bit but I know it will feel so much better than before when it is all healed. Thanks for checking in on me I appreciate it and the advise.

      Hugs and love,

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