MMMM …. Mashed potatos……and gravy

Didnt get any crafty time in tonight but got to go have some mashed potatoes and gravy outside my house so that was a nice treat.  I am getting sick of pudding and ice cream. I’m not a big sweets eater and am missing my veggies. Cant wait til this mouth of mine heals up. The not talking thing gets me too since the small ones need alot of talking too…… no don’t do that….that’s not a good choice Levi… get the picture 🙂  such a busy little man needs lots of attention and I have received many bumps in the jaw area today as it goes with that Murphy’s law thing. Brian says be on the look out expect the hit. I tell him that little guy is fast ( i don’t know how thats possible since his little legs are so short) and he gets me on the blind side.   He is so cute though with the Nanna I sorry here me kiss it give you a kiss. He is such a sweetie.  Sierra on the other hand is much calmer. I have had many good laughs today from them. Sierra says to me Nanna do you know why I call little Jason little Jason? No I say to this she answers very matter of factually because he is smaller than his Daddy Jason. The logic of 4 year olds. Another thing today I had her alphabet outlines laminated so she can practice her writing ( one of the things she scored low on in testing,she is left-handed and was writing for them right-handed ??) so I had to make a chart for Levi not to be left out so I did a shapes one for him. As I was drawing the shapes she is naming them all and I get to the end  she says Hey show him how to make a trapezoid to which I replied I don’t know what a trapezoid looks like. So around here I think the game should be called are you smarter than a 4-year-old??  Way funny stuff. True that if you don’t use it you lose it.  One more before I let you go for the night. Jordan called me while on the mashed potato run to tell me that Levi was falling asleep at the dinner table and Melissa was coaxing him to wake up and eat his chicken he kept saying I cantttttt. The next time she asked him he said I can’t I’m allergic  LOL  Where did that come from.??  He finally did eat and fell asleep while getting washed up Guess I wore him out as much as he did me today.  Hope you are all having a good evening.

Love & Hugs,



3 thoughts on “MMMM …. Mashed potatos……and gravy

  1. Oh my goodness I’m still chuckling. You also had Joe chuckling as well 😀 This is great stuff. Your little Sierra is one sharp cookie and you are the best Nanna around.

    My poor friend with your hurting jaw. Do you have a blender? Up for some peas, corn, green beans, or any other frozen vegetable? Nuke the amount you want as a serving for a minute or two to warm them up, add your seasoning drop it all in the blender and whir away. I won’t recommend your salad be done this way. Might be so unsightly and nasty.

    I used to make my daughter’s baby food this way. Of course that was long before the microwave was sold to households as an appliance.

    I hope each day finds you better and better.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Great idea why didnt I think of that???? I did that for my kiddos too 🙂 Guess overthinking what I can eat thing and not seeing the forrest for the trees lol. yup the salad may just lose some appeal wouldnt it. I am hoping for a better day. I told Brian maybe I’m just wimpy but this tooth thing is making me crazy. Been over a month since I cracked this thing over a month ago the constant ache is really getting to me, I’m becoming quite grouchy and sharp tongued with my family and I dont like to be that way with them. The dentist said to expect to feel like &*^45#5&65c57!!! bleeps for a week or so Ugh!! dont know if my family can stand me that long. I do havethe weekend off with the little ones and Will dosent have school tomorrow so he will help to run after Levi and keep them occupied during the day. Thanks for the check in I appreciate your kindness.
      Happy to have given both Joe and you a good laugh. Yup that Sierra is a very smart little girl. I need to keep a journal of the things she says.

      Hope you are having a good day and things go without a glitch for you.

      Love & hugs

  2. I just love the things children come out with and yes you must write it down to remind you later. 4 year olds have such wonderful logic.
    According to our little ones Katie, our dog, is now a star – whenever anything dies they immediately become stars that is why there is so many so Joe (3 years old) informed me!
    If i put up my thumb and say “Alright mate” to Dylan (2 years old) he says “Not mate, my name is Dylan”! Just so funny 🙂

    Yes I would have said around a week before you start noticing a lessening of the pain so keep taking the meds and rinsing. Fortunately most things in the mouth heal quite quickly which is surprising considering how moist it is in there! It will get better Shelly and it isn’t surprising that you are feeling tetchy and grouchy, you are in pain! It does pull you down.
    Hope you can soon have another crafty period as you so obviously enjoyed the last one 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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