See the dentist at 9:00 this morning

Got a call to come in at 9 so hopefully this will all be sorted out and I will be on the mend later this morning  🙂  fingers crossed.

I have the weekend off so some crafting may be a real possibility and maybe just maybe I can get the kids video up of their projects.

I kept my small ones over night and need to wake them we all stayed up late watching Alvin and the chipmunks 2 the squeekual ? It was really cute but the kids were all kinda sluggish this morning. we only have 16 school days ahead then it will be a home work break !!!  Horray for me !!! Now that also means Brian will be home more too.   I will post later after I get back home. Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs & Love,



5 thoughts on “See the dentist at 9:00 this morning

  1. Fingers crossed for you Shelly that the dentist can help you.
    My word the children of America seem to be out of school more than in it LOL Our kiddies had two weeks holiday over Easter and are back at school for 7 weeks, there will be one day off for May Day on 7th May. After 7 weeks there will be half term of one week and then back to school for 6 weeks!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Sweet Friend, I sure do hope your dentist finds the reason for the pain and can make it stop.

    Enjoy your fairly kid free weekend and I hope it is totally pain free. Crafty happenings on the horizon.

    Love you – Leslie

  3. Well the cause is found I have a partial dry socket. Even with the stitches intact there was only a piece of blood clot so he said I had a fair amount of bone exposd. He removed the stitches and packed the wound area with a dressing that should remain in place for the next 48 hours, If I continue to have problems I am to page him directly. if it is still in place om Monday he will remove it and if I still have pain repack it but he said generally it only needs to be done once. Lets hope. As of now the pain is pretty intense up into my ear and my whole jaw aches something fierce 😦
    I am very upset because I followed the instructions so carefully and still have been unable to eat only soft foods. I have the little ones til 430 tonight and think I will hide out after they leave. I’m hoping this packing thing will do the trick. School in our area is a 9 month in school( off for various holidays) and a 3 month vacation in the summer. School will resume in mid August. Thanks again my Friends for checking on me I really appreciate your friendship. I love you both 🙂

    • Crapazoid! I’m so sorry you have had to endure this pain then have it worsen after the dentist played around in your mouth 😦

      The pain should recede and become more bearable tomorrow. I hope anyway for your sake. For me, and for whatever reason, the pain will check in with you in the evening. Guess just to remind you it was still around. Not as intense, thank goodness, just enough to be a nuisance.

      You take it easy and hide out as much as you can. Grumpiness and grouchiness is alright. You have reason for it.

      Love you my Friend – Leslie

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