Feeling so much better

Today I feel so much better after having the packing in the dry socket. I was able to sleep far more than I have in a long while. I hope to have a great weekend hiding out in my crafty area playing with my stuffs  🙂  Hop  are all felling well and enjoying your day. Much to catch up on since I have been doing pretty much nothing around the house this week. Brian the  kids will help me this weekend and we will get it all done quickly.

I hope to be able to post again later tonight. Had some thought sparked with the macaroni challenge video Leslie shared. Oh Lynn I did see the marble technique not on Stamp tv but that’s where I got my idea for the noodles I used.    I had some ideas sparked by your Atc share too.  When I popped over to Maureen’s channel I found your spellbinders storage tips Have do the rest of you store yours? I had thought of the magnet sheets or strips. I have some in my stash and may try something with them too. I want to be able to see what I have but space is my issue. The big shot has to be dug out from other stuff and the dies ect. are all together but it’s under stuff too. I usually set the machine up on my bed to do my cutting. I guess if the small ones stay playing nice here with me , maybe I will troll for some more ideas on this. Will keep you posted.


Love and hugs to you all,



2 thoughts on “Feeling so much better

  1. Shelly, that is most excellent news. You are feeling better and you were able to sleep. Praise be!!

    I hope you enjoy a pain free crafting weekend. Looking forward to what you get finished, and mostly news of the pain abating and totally disappearing. Enough is enough is what I say.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Excellent news on your socket, makes all the difference to your well being when you can sleep undisturbed by pain.
    Your crafting mojo appears to have come back too and I hope you have a great crafty weekend.
    We have yet more rain and stormy winds to go with it! Wonderful (I don’t think!) Great weather if you are a duck lol. The forecasters keep telling us it is the wettest month on record so far preceeded by the driest!
    Now we need sunshine and warmth 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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