Quickie post

HI there.

We got a bit of stamping finished and I have some photos taken but need to upload them. Thats my goal for tomorrow. Had today off and ran around with Brian so I got very little done around here but had a nice time and it was much-needed time without any kiddos. I should see Dentist tomorrow to get packing removed and see what is recommended afterwards. I am still having some pain but much less than last week so I think I’m on the mend Yipee!!  We have had lots of rain yesterday and today but I’m sure the farmers are happy to get it so the crops can start growing. Brian cleaned on the room yesterday and the girls finished their Teachers cards for the end of year thanks. Will only got his W finished and wants to work more on it but it will have to be while small ones are not here, There was lots of modge podge with just Will using it , I can only imagine what a bunch of stuff Levi would think he needed to fix up 🙂

Hope you are all faring well.  Take care.

Love & Hugs



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