Storms, hail, and Darn dry socket!!

Hiya everybody  🙂

Today has been a very eventful one. we have had rain til this evening so Brian had to go to the dentist with me. The packing has been removed I have been x-ray’d and should be feeling better but after the packing was removed the pain has began to intensify as the day has worn on. I was told for some reason I am just having a slow healing site and need to be seen next week unless the pain returns and lasts. I will give it a few more days and keep my fingers crossed that I start to heal quicker.  On the way home Levi wet through diaper into his car seat  Woo hoo me 🙂 so Brian carried him in car seat and all so I could change him and car seat in the laundry room only to have Levi throw up all over my legs, feet and himself . I got us mopped up enough to head for the bathroom to give him a bath and wash down my legs and feet better . As I stood there getting ready to hoist him into the tub he began to Pee all over my legs and feet !!  So after much cleaning which I had not bargained for and didn’t feel like doing the bathroom and laundry room look pretty good  🙂  I guess not seeing me for several days he felt he had to make up for what I missed cleaning up while he was absent.   We had tornado sirens blaring this afternoon and had to flee our home on wheels. We did not make it that far before we had to turn around and head back to a low point down by Jordan and Melissa’s house as the hail fell fiercely from the sky from large marble size to the golf ball size all the while the rain fell so hard we could only see a short-range in front of us. The kids wer freaking out especially Sierra , I guess she is getting old enough to realize just what is happening.  So there has been my exciting day  🙂  Hope the rest of yo are faring better than I and keeping safe and enjoying what I hope is nice weather where ever you are at.   I had my camera hoping to catch the hail but realized I had not taped a dang thing just had the camera on….  I did get a few shots and the kids crafts of the past weekend  just need to crop them and get them web ready.  I love you All



4 thoughts on “Storms, hail, and Darn dry socket!!

  1. What a day you had! An Action/Adventure movie without a script!

    Shelly, I’m sorry to hear that dreadful pain has returned. As if the pain weren’t bad enough you all must have been scared out of your wits by the severe weather.

    Oh my stinkin’ heck!! You amaze me! I’d have gone totally stark raving bonkers by now.

    Love you Girlfriend

    • Thank you My great Pal 🙂 I think I need a phone booth like superman then I can hop into it and jump out with my cape waving behind me 🙂 Thank goodness today is running smoothly for the time being. This tooth experience has really got me flustered. I really hated the toothache but hadent bargained for this. Oh well theres nothing to be done about it except wait it out so I had better make the best of it all. On a good note in the x-ray he said my other teeth look good with only a couple small places I might need surface fillings. How is todays travels going? Did you get the winds as predicted?

      Love you lots

  2. Oh my Shelly – tooth pain, tornado warnings, torrental rain and hail storms!!!!!!!!!!! You seem to be suffering weird weather conditions as we are, luckily we don’t get the tornados except rarely. Well they are more whirlwinds and frightening when they occur; I once had our large kitchen window, frame and all ripped out by one and Rod was away at the time! That was frightening.
    The other night we had a earth tremor that rattled our pipes, wondered what the heck was going on!
    Glad to hear that the rest of your teeth are in good order so you won’t be going this again.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Oh my I bet that was scary having the window and frame all ripped out !! I am very frightened of the tornado weather. We’ve only had 2 mild earthquakes here that I can remember one a few years ago and one when I was pregnant with Jordan 25 years ago. they were only mild shaking but we were all freaked out since its uncommon to get them in this part of the U.S.. Yes we have had some weird weather this year I don’t want to think on what this summer may be like. Hope you are doing well.
      hugs & love

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