My not so short post of what I’ve been doing

Hello Ladies 🙂

Today is the last day of school with the exception of Monday when they go for 30 minutes to get their grade cards. There is mixed emotions for us all. I know they will fight and bicker but the trade-off is no fights for the homework nightly. Plus the small ones are very excited to have playmates daily. We have been studying with Will nightly to do well on his final exams and that has been a real fun experience. A bit of background on Will as you know he’s adopted so there is a whole batch of things that go along with this. Will is bi-polar and has severe add/adhd which means he is very busy and has a very short attention span.Most add kids can stay on task for video games and movies not Will things only keep him occupied for a few short minutes at a time  so studying for finals are torture for all involved. Since he is bi-polar he cannot be medicated for add because it causes manic episodes which I have seen and they are not nice at all nice.  when he was younger and they thought what he had was just add/ adhd he were on a low dose of meds which caused Will to be afraid of leave the house for fear something would happen to his pets and that he would get bugs on him He picked his hair out and had many bald spots. If we took him out it was like he was schitsopherinic and very paranoid. Very sad times for us all We have a good Doctor for him now and they have helped him  and us learn to cope with his condition.  Thus is the life with our kids each one have lots of baggage they carry due to the things they endured before coming to live with us  and be a part of our family. Now what else has been going on is that Sierra has some potty issues which she’s had since infancy ( Jordan had them too) which flared up this week. We did everything we were told plus tons of other stuff like playing video games,reading,polishing toenails, promising punching balloons and popsicles  all while she sat on the potty with me camped out on the bathroom floor  🙂 with no luck. We were thinking that we would make a trip to the E.R. as advised by Dr. but things finally broke loose  Yipee for us. I polished the toenails of the rest us girls around here  and took pictures to share with you. Brace yourselves because we are kinda flashy around here and the toes are sparkly and bright  🙂 There is a shot of Levi’s toes so he wouldn’t be left out.

As for crafting I made 3 Mother’s Day cards but didn’t get them photographed before I gave them away… Sorry. I have unmounted a fair amount of my older sponge backed stamps I bought when I first started stamping but still need to cut them out.I took a photo to show what I did with them (and  how I decided to store them  for now) I also used a 3 ring binder with some chipboard and magnet strips for my spellbinders dies I love them !! ( I was able to get 2 more sets ) I worked more on the marble technique with glossy photo paper. Digging through my stash I found some photo paper by post it so it has a sticky back. I used some stampin up color reinkers and some versamark refill . The water based ink stayed wet on glossy paper long enough to add some clear embossingpowder over it. I heat set and like how it turned out. You will find photos in a bit to show how these out. I also used what ink that was left in the  stampin up clamshell box and smooshed some papers into it to make some backgrounds so I didn’t waste any inks.  I made some embellishments from my paper clay tinted with reinkers which turned out very light. One I shaped into a rustic heart,one I just made a shape and stamped a rubberstamp into it while it was wet and when it dried rubbed over it with an ink pad and the last one I made a medallion stamped into it with a rubberstamp them stamped over it with black versamagic ink with a rubber stamp. Not sure what to use them for but it was fun to play. there is also some photos of the girls working on their thank you cards for their teachers and the finished projects, and a picture of Will’s decuopodged W ( we still have to finish the rest ,Maybe while the kids are on vacation ) I also have some photos to share of Will’s art projects from school. One is of tessellations that looks like an old indian chief with a feather headdress on. The other is a scratch board of a slow Larus which he got a ribbon for  2nd place at  the art show  a pencil drawing with shading  of Angelina Jolie which was his first drawing of the art class which he started mid term. Lastly was what is called junk art. He used acrylic paint to do the scene and made flowers with the insides of floppy discs folded and small nuts( the mechanical kind not what we eat ) as accents on his tree.

I was able to go to a few garage/rummage sales last Friday and found a few things to use in my crafting area. I found 22 small buckets for 2 dollars so  I tought I could get a curtain or towel rack to hang them on for storage of small goodies etc. I also found some vintage make your own buttons a large package and a small one. I know they are old because they don’t have zip codes and only cost 19 cents each. they are the ones you cover with cloth the add backs with a rubber piece.

Got to spend a fair amount of time with my Mom on Mother’s Day and that was good.  I can see her health failing  she is on oxygen most of the time now and has to see the Dr. monthly to get a shot and take the prednisone for the rest of her life he says. My Dad had his outpatient surgery Monday and is doing well. He got the results on the tests and they said it was cancer and they got it all with the procedure. He showed me a  place on his collarbone when my Mom was in the hospital this last time about the size of a large marble but it had grown to the size of a small tennis ball  and it  burst and had like a crater in the middle which bled off and on all the time. Anyway I am so happy about the news that they got it all and hope that this is the last time he has a spot  like this. He had one about a year ago that came up by his temple that was the size of a ping-pong ball before they removed it but they say they got all of it also. So all is good  🙂  Just thought I’d let you know why I havent posted much lately. just been surfing YouTube in short spurts of time when I get them. I have however been reading all your posts when I get an update, Sorry for the lack of response to them. You are still in my thoughts regularly.  OH yes before I forget, Jereme has found an apartment and is very excited about his move next month so he is getting along much better. Jordan and Melissa along with Kids will leave on vacation next Thursday for Arkansas to see her Dad and family so we will have a week off. Now what to do with my free time ??????  We called to take Ariel for her school physical only to find out there is no Doctor at that clinic ?? What !!! we have been taking the kids there for 25 years !! 2  years ago Dr. E as we call him looked all over the U.S. to find a Doctor to take his place and a nurse practitioner to help since there is a thriving practice there. He wanted someone to carry on his practice with the hands on of Doctors of old. You know the ones who don’t hurry you out of the office, they call you right back when you call they remember your family and what you talked about the last visit and are someone the kids trust and are excited to see when they’re sick because they know its someone who really wants to help them. Well he did find a fantastic Doctor named Holly and a nurse practitioner named Megan who really cares about their patients and I know my kids trust them and Ariel has even gained 6 pounds the last 6 months which is great news since she’s 11 1/2 and only weighs 46 pounds and has always been sickly.  The switch over fell through due to who Dr. left in charge after he got sick. Holly has opened a new clinic but now we have to fill out all the papers again for all 4 kids !! ugh lots of paperwork  😦 , but great that they can still see Holly and Megan Who know them. My kids don’t deal well with change. Then last week we got a letter from our Doctor that he is Leaving town in July to move away to be with his family which I understand totally but now we are on the search to find a new primary care Doctor.  UGH!!!  Dr. Hensold our Doctor took care of me when I was pregnant with Jordan and is the one who delivered him 25 years ago so changing Doctors will be a pain since he knows all about my headaches ect.  Lots to do the next few months. I’m not posting this to be  complaining just letting you know why I’ve been absent and so you know I havent been forgetting you.  Leslie how is Joe after his mishap? I tell you we could be related I’m sure of it. Just last night I cut my finger with the scissors while cutting out Jasmines pictures and Brian says who’s their own worst enemy????? if you said yourself you would have answered right  🙂 I am quite clumsy and am always hurting myself.  I hope both of you are well and you are having some fun in your craftroom and Joe is having fun with whatever it is he enjoys. Lynn I hope the weather has been nicer and that your garden is in full bloom so you can enjoy it’s beauty. Rod will have to treat us again to one of his wonderful stories I so enjoyed reading what he’d shared with us before.

Brian is gearing up for the summer work load on eBay since that’s our sole income for the summer which means lots of long hours away from home and at the computer when he is home.  This is always a hard thing for the kids since they can’t get it through their heads that Dad is working when he’s here and not always available just because they can see him sitting there. I miss us being in the bed at the same time sleeping, I always sleep so much better when he’s there.( Not for the other reasons  although that is the icing on the cake  😉  giggle)

Ok I’m going to spellcheck this then wait for Melissa to come get the kids maybe I’ll get to play tonight.

Sorry for the long winded book  🙂


I love you

Hugs & Love Shelly

4 thoughts on “My not so short post of what I’ve been doing

    • LOL Shelly 🙂 I was just about to enquire about the photos! Never mind I’m sure you’ll put them up when you can. Boy oh boy but you have been busy either filling out paperwork, helping Will with his work, sorting out Sierra, polishing toenails or fitting in some craft work!! Looking forward to seeing Will’s art work and that photo paper/marbling technique sounds brilliant – really looking forward to seeing that 🙂
      The weather has eased up a little here although still unseasonally cool but I have been able to tackle the garden and yes there is quite a bit of colour just now. Some of the plants are growing slowly due to the cooler weather and my back hates this coolness too. I suffer from what is termed wear and tear arthritis in my lower back and as soon as the temps drop during the autumn my backache begins, night time in bed is the worst however as the temps warm up the aches ease but it isn’t happening yet! Of course being overweight doesn’t help so like you I am my own worst enemy 🙂
      When the inclement weather has stopped play in the garden I have been either crafting or painting….no not nice painting but painting walls in the various rooms of the house! Either painting walls or washing surfaces down so that the house looks reasonably fresh ready for any prospective buyers…..though there haven’t been any of those for a while with the economy being so uncertain and people worried about their jobs. Absolute nightmare!
      However I have been crafting and the circles of clay I cut out for Leslie’s circle challenge are waiting for me to do something with them! I pressed various stamps into the wet clay before leaving them to air dry but not yet sure what I want to do with them!!!!!!!

      How is your socket now? How did Jereme get on with his extraction? Good news that Jereme has got himself an apartment 🙂
      I passed your message onto Rod about another story and he is deep in thought 😀

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xxxx

      • working on the pictures now,the kids have been a handful….imagine that 🙂 Brian has been out most of the day and the children were testing the waters to see what they could get away with lol I had to show them who was the BOSS. Better now that Brian is home and I can do some playing with my blog. I think I will make a seperate post for the photos may be easier that way.
        I told Leslie to count me in in the circle challenge and havent done a thing 😦 Will have to get busy.
        MY dry socket is feeling so much better I still have twinges of pain where my jaw and gum meet since the cut was so deep but I can deal with that:) Thanks for asking. Poor Jereme only got 2 fillings after being numbed up for 3 hours. Once he was there they did more xrays and decided that if they removed the tooth they would damage the ones on each side so they have referred him to a oral surgeon so we will have to wait and see. I just dont want him to have the problems I did so a specialist is probably the best shoice for him. It’s good to hear that Rod is thinking things over. He really has a fantastic gift with his stories and it’s so nice to learn new things. Ok off I go to get my stuff finished.
        Hugs & Love,

  1. Firstly, I am so glad to hear your dry socket has finally begun the healing process and the constant pain is GONE!! Woo Hoo on that!

    Your passel of kids are getting antsy for school to be finally over for the year. Summer break is near enough for them to be wishing the days away until it finally arrives 😀

    I’m happy to read your doctor situation is getting sorted. Having had one doctor for lots of years then having to make a change for a new one is difficult for everyone.

    You crack me up. The photos will be added to your blog when you get a chance to do it. Then you can tell us all about them.

    Love you – Leslie

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