Pictures as promised

I made a video and posted it to youtube  with the photos from yesterdays blog post. I am trying my hand at some new editing and video making. I am hopeful that over the summer while I have a bit of free time I can master some of this so it wont take days to get it uploaded.  Things are going good around here the kids are all playing well with each other ( for now ). We are going out to lunch as a treat in a bit and before I know it Melissa will be here to pick up the little ones. My Dad is healing well and got a report from the surgeon that they got all the cancer  YIPEE !!!!  My mom seemed to be feeling much better today and was going to go to a few rummage sales so I know she is feeling good today.YIPEE again !!  If you have any inquiries to the photos just ask and I’ll and I’ll be happy to answer anything.   Take care Friends the Natives were just sent to bed so I guess I spoke to soon about the getting along  🙂  Better go check on the status of things.

Love & Hugs Shelly           <———–  click here for the video———

One thought on “Pictures as promised

  1. I had a look at the photos you put up on Youtube on Friday but couldn’t leave a message as my internet connection wouldn’t let me 😦 Your girls made some wonderful cards, they obviously enjoy crafting. Will’s art work is brilliant, he definitely has an artistic streak. Loved the clay art too. Great photos Shelly and thank you for sharing them with us. Your smooshing and marbling papers are fab too and looking forward to seeing what you use them for.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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