Brian’s lightening picture

Lastnights lightening was a sight to behold. Brian was able to get one good photo . Pretty awesome It looked like it struck pretty close to where we are.

I havent gotten to craft a bit but all the kids are home and everyone is promoted to the next grade. it is in the lower 70’s today as opposed to the mid 90’s yesterday, but after the rain it is pretty muddy and I am keeping the kids in watching a movie.  I had a long talk with Brian about my obsession with my patterned paper that I can’t bring myself to cut because it’s so pretty. His suggestion was to make a swatch book so I could keep a sample of it and use the rest. I will have to think on it. What do you think about his idea?? I’d like your thoughts on it. Maybe a project while the small ones are on vacation. I hope to post again later the kids are needing attention so I need to check it out.


Love & Hugs,



2 thoughts on “Brian’s lightening picture

  1. Superb photo! That was some lightning strike. When Jill, Darren and the boys were in Florida earlier this year they had a terrific thundestorm and took some awesome photos of the lightning. Jill said she had never seen anything like it. I love thunderstorms and watching the lightning.

    Well done everyone on the promotions to the next grade 🙂

    That is a great idea of Brian’s of making a swatch book, that way you get the best of all worlds. You get to use the paper but also have a sample piece to admire, love it! That was the reason behind making my Junque Journal – all those things like paper and charms that I wanted to keep went into my journal and I can browse through it and enjoy them all. I made pockets on some pages to tuck in postcards and drawings the children had done……all things I wanted to keep but have them in one place.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxx

  2. I’m going to try this again 🙂

    Awesome photo Brian took of the lightning show! Congrats to the kids moving on to the next grade. Hope you all enjoy the summer.

    As for the hoarded paper situation. I have the same problem. The swatch idea is a great one. I can tell you from my own experience….the first cut is the hardest. Once you get that over with you will find ways to use and enjoy the paper 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

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