Terrific lightening show tonight

As I type this we are having a really spectacular show of lightning with a small bit of rain. Brian was able to get a couple of pictures before the rain got in is way !!  Tomorrow is the 30 minute school day to get grade cards. I am sure everyone will be promoted and we will be on for our summer vacation. Jordan and family leave Thursday evening for Little Rock Arkansas so we will have a few days without the small ones and What will we do???  I will have to keep you posted.  I forgot to share the other day on my not so short post that Levi is such a stinker !!!! He took off his diaper just because of course and I got him all dressed only to find he’s did the big business while I was washing my hands, now that there I can deal with but I thought they were playing behind the rocking chair with balloons only to get a whiff of a terrible odor and  realize he’d put his hand in the back of his poo diaper and made handprints on the side of the couch!!!!! gotta love the little stinker…. Now Melissa has my carpet steamer from when he’d gotten sick on their couch so I had to take care of this mess with a lot of scrubbing and fabreeze spray , maybe a good couch shampooing will be in order while they’re gone ?? 

On to my funny of the day. My Brian as you know works eBay for the summer as his job and while out at some yard sales this weekend bought an old photo album that had a variety of greeting cards some old and some newer. He always asks me if I want the things he can’t sell to use in my crafty endouvers.  Well tonight he gave me some greeting cards and one I wanted to share. It is a shoebox greetings one. Dont feel like getting the camera out but I’ll share the sentiment.  On the outside…. If you think I don’t find you incredibly sexy after all our time together…. ( almost 31 years to be exact)  inside… you’re in for a nude awakening.  Isen’t that the funniest thing  🙂  I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.   Gotta love that man of mine. 

Well I am off to listen to a few songs on YouTube before I go to bed. Tomorrow is my last super early morning, I will be able to sleep til 7:00 a.m. now!!!! woo hoo.

Take care of yourselves I love you  🙂


Hugs and Love,



2 thoughts on “Terrific lightening show tonight

  1. Oh no Shelly! Toddlers can be the absolute pits at times and have some pretty disgusting habits too…yuk! I thought you had got him potty trained.

    I always unplug my router/modem when we have lightning here as I am always afraid it will fry the router. When we still on dial up using the computer’s internal modem we had a lightning strike and it fried the internal modem so now I unplug to be on the safe side!

    Oh great sentiment on that card. I meant to say in an earlier posting that I am so glad that your mum is feeling much better and that everything has gone well for your dad…it s all scary stuff and we worry so much.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. I thought I was the only one with the middle name “Paranoid” :D. I’m with Lynn on this. Lightning storms bother me more than tornadoes.

    Toddlers. A love/hate relationship thing. Love the little buggers but hate the things they do sometimes. Poor you finding Levi’s mess and the cleaning involved.

    Hope your Son and Daughter-in-law enjoy their visit with her family. Sierra and Levi will entertain and be entertained while they are away from you 🙂

    Enjoy your first week of summer 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

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