Gonna give the junque journal a try

After much thought and some YouTube researching I have decided that while the small ones are away I’m gonna give this a try. I will keep in mind Jann’s reminder that there is no mistakes that can’t be fixed and I think this way I can keep some of my papers but be as eclectic as I want with mix and match. I’m a Hodge podge kinda girl and think this style will suit me.  Lynn did you have a particular video that prompted you to have a go at yours? There are so many other crafters that have made some fantastic journals. I have decided to hide out some each day in order to get this in the works.  I have a bunch of stuff that I keep saying I want to use and then can’t bring myself to dig it out or if I do just feel overwhelmed.  I will need to recheck out your trip books Leslie at least I think that’s what they were called.   I bought a composition notebook about a month ago thinking I could jot down crafty ideas Who knew that it would be my project  🙂   Thanks for stopping by I need to get some sleep while I can 🙂

Love and hugs to you 🙂


4 thoughts on “Gonna give the junque journal a try

  1. Oh yes give it a try Shelly, what is brilliant about this type of journal is that there is no pressure, you do it when you want and add all sorts of ‘stuff’ to it. I used some rub ons as well as stamps to decorate the pages, glued in pieces of paper that I loved, added fibres, pockets….there are no rules!
    Here are a couple of links that I found so far:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpZ-tv5TsjM and http://practicaljournalkeeping.com/?p=251
    There are three parts to the youtube video so make sure to check them all out. Hope you have fun with creating yours 🙂

    How long are the children off school? Our children have a week off for half term starting a week today (Friday) then 6 weeks of school before the big holiday of 6 weeks off! How long is each school term over there in the US?
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Thanks Lynn for the links. I have watched them all and feel like this is a project for me. I got my note book and some ribbon now I need to go through my paper stash and actually cut into it. Brian took the kids and I with him to a few garage/rummage sales today and I spent $2.00 and got some parchment parer, and some sticky backed cloth with small roses printed on it and thought that would make a nice addition to the project. I am a hoarder of way to much stuff that has sentimental value to me.
      Our children are out of school til August 20th. They have 4 quarters total with each being 9 weeks, and 2 quarters per semester fall and spring. We do have in our area a year round school but its not in our district. We had a good day today and I think I might have the kids make a journal to keep them busy this summer. They are all quite crafty and they could work on it as they wanted. The small ones will be returning on Tuesday but we will still have several days off when they return. Is your weather getting better ? we are having high temps this week. We did discover that we have moles in our yard and the ants are no longer a problem thanks to them. Just have to beware of your footing while walking through the yard. I shall keep you posted on my progress.

      Much love and hugs,

  2. A junque journal filled with the papers you love so very much sounds ideal for you. Display a piece or two by using your Spellbinder dies.

    I’ve watched several videos on this topic. I have mixed emotions about making one myself. I’m afraid it will be something I start but never finish. I sometimes think I have a problem similar to ADD…I lose focus easily and get sidetracked by my own ideas.

    Take pictures to show us these papers you love so we can adore them with you 🙂

    Enjoy your time with the kids home for summer break and the “Field Trips” with Brian as he hunts treasures for his eBay site 😀

    Love you – Leslie

    • I can really relate to the ADD . I do lose focus and I think thats why card making has been so easy for me to take on since I can finish a project easily. Now scrapbooking is something else all together I think thats a task that I’d have to stay on top of and dont think I would sad to say. I do like the idea of putting all my stuffs in one place where I look at it. I am also a not so coordinated decor kind of girl so this appeals to me so I can just put the things I like in it. Sorta like my craft area I have a haphazzard mix of stuffs. I found my pastel buckets last week and Brian gave me 2 old apothecary bottles from around 1890 I’m not sure what to use them for maybe fill them with my beads?? I know it would be a pain to get out the beads I want but it would look pretty and I am the kind of person who needs to see what I have to use it. I am going to use my spell binders to make a label for them. I also need to do some research on what kinds of materials that they can cut I know that the sizzix dies have a list of things that is safe to use so I’m thinking spellbinders would too its just finding it. enough jabbering from me 🙂 I need to feed the masses they think they are going to starve !! it’s been 3 1/2 hours since they ate last !!! 🙂

      I will get my photos started.
      Love and Hugs,

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