beginning our Junque journals

We have officially started construction on our junque journals !! The girls and I spent several hours binding them with ribbon after watching the video link from Lynn again. Then we had to decide what to do with the front covers. The girls decided on die cut shapes and some foam stickers and some paper strips. Then set to scrunching up the pages and coloring the edges  of their journal with markers I seen this done in a video by Chan crafts I will have to look up her link with the next post so proper people get credit for their ideas. I did get some video footage of the session and a bit of other jabbering by the three of us.  I decided to cover mine with some wall paper I had found at an estate sale I went to with Brian . I then added my title with some game tiles added some pink trim and some Martha Stewart blue bling. we used an array of yarn,ribbon, and crochet thread to bind the book plus eventually thread some beads or charms from. I am happy with the start of this project and think it will take me a fair bit of time to finish it up. Hope you are all faring well I need to get myself in bed morning will be upon me before I want it to.

Take care. Much love and many hugs,



One thought on “beginning our Junque journals

  1. Would love to see an ‘under construction’ photo Shelly. I bet you all had great fun with this project. With this kind of journal there is no need to ‘finish’ it, it is an ongong project whenever anything comes to hand and you wonder what to do with it….put it in the junque journal 🙂 I am still adding to mine and love it as there are no rules or boundaries, it is such a free and easy thing to do. Add doodles when your brain needs to rest, try out a few stamps that you haven’t used or haven’t used for a long time. It is just a great thing to construct 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

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