A much better day

Today was one of the best days we’ve had in a while. Doctors set up the extra scope on Friday morning and I was finally able to convince Brian into taking the anti anxiety pill and that seemed to make a huge difference in this out look today. The Girls came back home tonight and Brian was out of the bedroom the whole day.  He played with the kids and wanted to go take some photos of the windmills in progress at the wind farm being set up near us. I cooked some chicken for dinner and he actually ate today he’s lost a fair amount of weight the last few weeks. So I am a very happy camper as I type this post I can hardly wait for friday to get here so we can get this all over with.  Lynn as far as the small ones go there isnt anyone around here (family) who aren’t working themselves to help out and when we approach Brian about the idea of someone else with the little ones he gets very touchy Can you say very attached Pampy? 🙂   Brian didn’t have any interaction with any of his grandparents aunts or uncles growing up some he never even met so the family ties are important to him. He has very strong feelings on who takes care of our children or the grandbabies I think some may stem from things being so difficult for him growing up.Many foster homes not because of wrong doing on his Moms part just several mental breakdowns of a single young mother without any help of any kind. Of course I see where a break could be helpful and Melissa’s parents are making a trip down here soon and going to take the kids again later in July. I am hopeful with this medication being a help to get past this rough spot. I just feel much less down trodden today It was great to see  My Man more like his self.  🙂 happy Me

Leslie I hope that Joe and you are holding up in this melting heat Thank heavens for air conditioning here lately.  I was able to get some nice barn photos today also that  I wanted to share (thinking of you too Lynn) after seeing the ones you had posted a while back. So do you think you will be getting a few days back at your own house for a pit stop? It’s always nice to sleep in your own bed after being away plus I bet you would like to catch a glimpse of your craftroom 🙂  I havent had the time or desire to work an any crafty thing and I keep thinking I should  just do it anyway as I walk past the mess that still sets there waiting to be put away.  Maybe a few margaritas will be in order after I get things in order around here and who knows??? I could have some really creative pages just might not remember what I did to get them 🙂  Hummmm…….. a plan is formulating…….   🙂

Hope you are all doing well and Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers I really appreciate it all.

Much love and many hugs,



Thanks for all the support

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement they are appreciated more than I can express. Yesterday, Sunday was not such a good day Brian has been having spells of faint feelings while breaking out in the sweats and a lot of nausea. This concerns me since he has only been sick throwing up and nausea twice in our almost 31 years together once when he drank on his 21st birthday first and only time for that and then once when he had the actual flu a few years back. Today has not been any better we have the small ones Jordan is on his way to Ohio and Melissa works til 630 and we have Will. The girls are still with Brian’s Mom Carol but the kids are too much chaos and he is feeling very ill. I got a Doctors appointment at 330 with our family physician with the hopes he will help to shed some kind of light on whats going on.  I will post again later to let you know what we find out.  Thanks again  🙂  I will look into getting some kind of help with the kids but not sure about the small ones as we are the only option since Melissa’s family are far away.



much happening around here

 I will try hard to reply to posts. I had started several replies only to somehow delete them.??? ugh!!! Brian is really feeling unwell so we are going to take him to the Emergency room when Melissa gets off work and we drop our children off to Brains Mom Carol who will keep them over night. I am really having a tough time right now with all the various health concerns with my parents and now Brian. I have spent many days and nights crying and being harsh with the kids which I HATE because they cannot help whats going on and I know they are dealing in the only way they know how.  Heather has been evicted from her house as her man cant work too many reasons to list but he could should he choose to. She is working as many hours as they will give her and taking on any that comes available. She has been approved for a link card which is through the state welfare for food so at least I know she is eating. She walks back and forth to work even in the scorching heat and late nights. She dont want to be here as we will not allow her boyfriend to live here with us, we have more than enough on our plate without the added stresses of all that. I guess when it rains it pours 🙂  Please dont think I’m on here complaining or whining I just thought that as my dear friends whom I really love you deserved the truth as to why I’ve been so absent and alooft lately. I read each post as they come into my inbox and save each one thinking I am going to reply only to have the days just run one into another. Brian is starting to become depressed and most days he has a hard time just coming out of the bedroom and the the kids seem to be more than he can handle on a regular basis. I will let you know what I find out this afternoon/evening. I love you and thank you for being so understanding.



Question on junque journal….

Hello  friends.

I have had a few things that’s kept me away today but have a  question for you…… I am making a page with wheat pennies. I know weird but I like wheat pennies and Brian has helped me collect one from every year they were made except a few which I’m looking for still.  From 1909 to 1958.  So my question is how would you think I could display them in my book?? I had thought about making squares with circles cut in the center and encasing them in cling wrap to make the weight in the page not as heavy as if I used the cardboard displays normally used and it wouldn’t cost as much. I am open to suggestions here. I make my blending tools with my old stamp handles the other day and still need to do some major cleanup in my space. I also found a YouTube video on making your own atg gun holder out of foam core board which I intend to enlist either Brian or Jordan tomorrow.( me and sharp blades equal disaster and we have enough with all the kids  lol ) On Thursday I had a very sore place come inside my nose , on Friday my eye was swollen and I tear up just wiping my nose so Dr. said come let them check I could be having some allergic reaction to my allergy meds….. got there and was told they had never seen anything like it?????? gave me antibiotics which seems to knock me for a loop and make me very sleepy so If I am not better after the meds have had a chance to work I will return. Boy it sucks having a sore nose. Brian see’s the Dr. tomorrow about his stomach, Will’s leg looks really good and Ariel’s sty is looking so much better. Needless to say my weekend of play has turned out to be a weekend of rest!! Ugh I had some big crafting plans!!!  hope you are all well.

Take care of yourselves.

Hugs and love,


Finally got some of the photos upleaded to you tube !!!

HI again

I did it and it only took me most of the night to get it all edited. I was going to add music but my brain is fried so after this post it’s off to bed for me. There was a change of work for Melissa so we will get the small ones earlier, so being awake much longer is out of the question. I am going to try to link the video in this post. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Love and Hugs,

shelly                       www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdDAZTz0G14&feature=plcp

unexpected barbeque last night


 we got home late last night from the cookout with Jordan and Melissa and after bedtime baths ect I was ready to jump into bed myself. Working on the pictures when I sign off here. I don’t get the small ones til noon tomorrow so if I’m up a little late I can still get fair amount of sleep. Hope you are all having a great day.

Love and Hugs



Life is crazy busy around here!!!!

Hello  🙂

With all the kiddos life has been zipping by at the speed of light it seems around here.  Seems like I open my eyes and it’s night and the day has passed right by. I am still working on the photos there are so many of them. I think what I will do is a you tube post so I can get them all together and in one post. Brian had a Doctors visit yesterday ,he’s been having some pain sometimes pretty intense on his left side right under his ribs. He felt so terrible a few weeks ago he went to the emergency room which is very unlike him since he only goes to get his blood pressure monitored twice yearly. The E.R. doctor said his potassium was low?? but wanted him to follow-up with primary care who said he thought upper and lower G.I. scopes is what he’d recommend and sent him along to a gastrointestinal specialist,which in turn said maybe a hernia? but wanted to try him on some kind of pain used to treat something to do with nerves? and will see him again in one month before he rushes him onto the scopes. Now if he starts to feel worse than maybe a catscan sooner. I have wondered if it was a hernia myself but am not a Doctor so we will wait and see. The specialist he saw is a very good doctor and has seen my Mom and took care of Melissa when she had her gallbladder attack and pancreatitis a few years back ,so we trust his judgement. So please forgive me for being so lax on my comments to you both.  Lynn how is your tooth problem coming along? are you having relief  with the pain?I am hoping you are feeling much better. Did I ever let you know I thought your table was a true work of art? if not I do. I am very happy about your visit with your daughter and her family how great to be able to see each other again.  Any leads on selling your cottage? I have been so out of the loop lately I had like 150 emails to sort through last night!!  We kept the kids for Jordan and Melissa last night and had a very late bedtime. Levi went into Will’s room to say goodnight and when he turned the light on saw his and will’s reflection in the t.v. and thought someone else was in the room scaring both him and Will along with the rest of the bunch from the loud screams so getting everyone to bed was a huge chore which took to almost 2:00 A.M.   YIKES!! So sleeping with both of the little ones was like being caged with two small octopus’ made for a rough night of sleep. Brian on the other hand took to the couch and got a bit more rest than me  🙂 gotta love life with small kids. Will’s leg seems to be healing well and for that I’m happy. I have hopes of getting blog stuff done tonight after they get picked up.  Wish me luck. Leslie I have really enjoyed your cards from the road very creative use of the tools you had with you. I very much like the last one you created I think it has been my favorite although I like them all. The machines in the last post are very interesting but 4 mph!?!? I bet that was awful. Jordan has been escorting windmill parts this week and gets 2 runs a day with them. On our way to the flea market yesterday we went past the area where the wind farm is being put together and they have a lot of the poles up just since last month the kids really enjoyed seeing the progress of construction of them. Any hoo on his 2nd run yesterday the truck he was escorting was blocked in at the pick up area and they were delayed by several hours plus. So he was late getting home for his anniversary date with Melissa. Those slow-moving leads are hard to follow is why is what sparked my telling you this. I feel like I have so much to catch up on and I want to share I need to just blab it all out not necessarily in any order just as the thought pops in my head. sorry if I am rambling on  🙂  Ok the troop is requesting cold drinks after the play in the tent in the back bedroom. I will finish up the pictures and get my slide show done so it can get posted this evening , Well that’s the plan anyway.


Love and hugs to you both I havent forgotten you.