Another Quick Hello

HI there everyone,

Been  a busy week around here with the vacation time, not that we’ve done a lot of running around but we have tried to spend some quality family time with the kids. Brian surprised me with child card for our kids overnight so we go to spend some time alone and the day alone at the antique shop I was able to find some really neat vintage finds for my journal. I have taken many photos but havent gotten to them yet. I finally was able to catch up on everyone’s blogs.  Lynn I havent forgotten you I just keep getting pulled away from the laptop before I get to comment on your posts  Sorry  😦    I have also had to approve your comments the last couple of times on here ?? not sure whats up with that. Any way gotta run Brian’s Mom is here  she brought the girl’s home and is gonna stay and visit for a few. I will share the neat finds from the shop when I get the photos taken. We ae planning on going to the Indianapolis  zoo tomorrow Jordan and family along with Jereme and all of us. I hope for warmer weather  tomorrow it is very chilly here in the mid 50’s and rainy.

Love and hugs to you all



3 thoughts on “Another Quick Hello

  1. Your Brian is one special guy. You can tell him I said so 🙂

    Have fun on your trip to Indianapolis and the zoo. Sounds like fun for the whole family.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. How nice that Brian organised child care for you and he to have a night and day to yourselves 🙂 Wonderful man! Enjoy your family day at the zoo. Gosh haven’t been to the zoo for years!
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  3. How was your out of town trip to the zoo with your older boys and the young uns’? Hope you had good weather – not too hot, nor windy, nor rainy.

    Love you – Leslie

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