We had a change in plans

 Hello everyone.

I have been caught up in reading a cookbook called Prairie kitchen sampler by  E.Mae fritz I got it at the antique store last week. It is a cookbook but also is a glimps into the life of a woman named Alice Mickish Hendrickson from around 1922 to 1980ish. Her story is fascinating telling of all the changes in the kitchen and the farm life plus sharing tons of recipes. I kinda had tunnel vision reading while we were driving over the weekend and have read every spare minute I could  🙂  I finally finished it tonight and Will wants to read it now. ( my aspiring chef ).

So we didn’t go to the zoo as planned instead we chose a small theme park called Indiana Beach in Monticello Indiana.  We have been there many times and the kids all really love the place. There is a swimming beach with filtered water and a wide variety of rides and games for everyone to enjoy. My small ones are a bit of a handful getting back into the regular routine with all the travel of the past 2 weeks. They were in the Ozark mountains, home up north to Melissa’s folks back to us and the busy weekend we had. Saturday was theme park day and it was a great day with temperatures just right ,we did get a brief bit of rain but all went well. On Sunday we went to Hanging Rock Christian camp to celebrate family fun days which is held the first weekend in June every year. There were plenty of inflatable bounce houses and the like for the kids . Zip lining for the older kids, horses back rides and fishing  and swimming not to mention all the food booths with everything you could think of to eat !!  I took around 350 pictures along with Jereme and Melissa and Brian who have a bunch too so I will have to get them all downloaded and go through them to get them to show you  🙂   Today is Will’s 15th Birthday, Friday is Jordan and Melissa’s 5th wedding anniversary and Sunday is Heather’s 20th Birthday Whew!!  tons to do 🙂 I have a bunch of emails yet to get to so if you’ve posted don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I have hopes of getting back to the norn here soon, I finally with the help Brian got the housework caught up today.  I also took photos of my crafty haul from the antique store to share also with you.  Forgive me  for getting so behind. OK I need to get the girls around I promised them a movie tonight and they are antsy to get it started.


Love to you all and big hugs too  🙂



3 thoughts on “We had a change in plans

  1. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos especially your crafty haul ones.
    Sounds as though you all had a great time with your various activities 🙂
    Belated birthday greetings to Will 🙂
    We spent time with our eldest daughter and her 6 children yesterday and it was her birthday…38th! It was great to see her and meet our grandchildren as 5 of them we had never seen! The eldest was a tot of around 3 years old the last time we saw her 12 years ago! Wonderful day 🙂
    I am now on antibiotics for an abcess on my tooth…spent 4 days in agony over the long holiday weekend. Once the infection is under control and the swelling reduced will be when the dentist decides whether to extract the tooth or do root canal work! Oh joys 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Oh Lynn I’m so sorry you’re having the tooth problem 😦 Hopefully meds kick in and you are able to get everything taken care of quickly. Happy to hear of your great visit with your Daughte and family, Thanks for Wills birthday wishes. Didnt get to craft or mess with crafty stuff tonight ,While Will was visiting Jordan to help in the garage he also helped the neighbor and somehow pulled a board with a nail in it and the nail punctured the front part of his shim. A nasty and deep wound so I was working on him and will call the Doctor to make sure his shots are all fine.I am sure they are but get freaked out thinking about the yucky MRSA that has a way of hanging around here!! I will pray fro you . Cant wait to share my junque journal I am really liking how its turning out. I am off to bed its past midnight and the kiddies arrive here about 730 in the morning then they will run down the hall to make sure all the other kids are awake too.
      heres hoping you have a speedy recovery
      Big hugs and a lotta love

  2. Schools out for summer. I think that was a song from the 80’s 🙂

    Sounds like you guys have had a fun filled and busy week. The kids got to run around and shake the cobwebs out of their heads 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you have immersed yourself in a good book. Even if it were a cookbook :-). Reading does help distract the brain from all of the chaos of life. Sometimes, we as mom’s need an escape while being present with the demands of all the kids.

    Lynn, I’m do glad you were able to get to the dentist and have a course of antibiotics started to clear the infection. I hope the pain and pressure are being relieved.

    I’m also very happy for you and Rod being able to see your eldest daughter and finally meet your grandchildren. She’s come back home and into the fold of love and support.

    Love you both – Leslie

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