Life is crazy busy around here!!!!

Hello  🙂

With all the kiddos life has been zipping by at the speed of light it seems around here.  Seems like I open my eyes and it’s night and the day has passed right by. I am still working on the photos there are so many of them. I think what I will do is a you tube post so I can get them all together and in one post. Brian had a Doctors visit yesterday ,he’s been having some pain sometimes pretty intense on his left side right under his ribs. He felt so terrible a few weeks ago he went to the emergency room which is very unlike him since he only goes to get his blood pressure monitored twice yearly. The E.R. doctor said his potassium was low?? but wanted him to follow-up with primary care who said he thought upper and lower G.I. scopes is what he’d recommend and sent him along to a gastrointestinal specialist,which in turn said maybe a hernia? but wanted to try him on some kind of pain used to treat something to do with nerves? and will see him again in one month before he rushes him onto the scopes. Now if he starts to feel worse than maybe a catscan sooner. I have wondered if it was a hernia myself but am not a Doctor so we will wait and see. The specialist he saw is a very good doctor and has seen my Mom and took care of Melissa when she had her gallbladder attack and pancreatitis a few years back ,so we trust his judgement. So please forgive me for being so lax on my comments to you both.  Lynn how is your tooth problem coming along? are you having relief  with the pain?I am hoping you are feeling much better. Did I ever let you know I thought your table was a true work of art? if not I do. I am very happy about your visit with your daughter and her family how great to be able to see each other again.  Any leads on selling your cottage? I have been so out of the loop lately I had like 150 emails to sort through last night!!  We kept the kids for Jordan and Melissa last night and had a very late bedtime. Levi went into Will’s room to say goodnight and when he turned the light on saw his and will’s reflection in the t.v. and thought someone else was in the room scaring both him and Will along with the rest of the bunch from the loud screams so getting everyone to bed was a huge chore which took to almost 2:00 A.M.   YIKES!! So sleeping with both of the little ones was like being caged with two small octopus’ made for a rough night of sleep. Brian on the other hand took to the couch and got a bit more rest than me  🙂 gotta love life with small kids. Will’s leg seems to be healing well and for that I’m happy. I have hopes of getting blog stuff done tonight after they get picked up.  Wish me luck. Leslie I have really enjoyed your cards from the road very creative use of the tools you had with you. I very much like the last one you created I think it has been my favorite although I like them all. The machines in the last post are very interesting but 4 mph!?!? I bet that was awful. Jordan has been escorting windmill parts this week and gets 2 runs a day with them. On our way to the flea market yesterday we went past the area where the wind farm is being put together and they have a lot of the poles up just since last month the kids really enjoyed seeing the progress of construction of them. Any hoo on his 2nd run yesterday the truck he was escorting was blocked in at the pick up area and they were delayed by several hours plus. So he was late getting home for his anniversary date with Melissa. Those slow-moving leads are hard to follow is why is what sparked my telling you this. I feel like I have so much to catch up on and I want to share I need to just blab it all out not necessarily in any order just as the thought pops in my head. sorry if I am rambling on  🙂  Ok the troop is requesting cold drinks after the play in the tent in the back bedroom. I will finish up the pictures and get my slide show done so it can get posted this evening , Well that’s the plan anyway.


Love and hugs to you both I havent forgotten you.



4 thoughts on “Life is crazy busy around here!!!!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Brian’s abdominal pain. Sounds to be pretty scary for him since it hasn’t been diagnosed just yet. I bet he has a worry or two racing through his head :-(. I hope it gets sorted quickly for him.

    Did I miss something? What happened to Will’s leg? You mention that it is healing but I don’t remember how he got hurt.

    I had a belly laugh at your reporting on Levi and his terrifying moment with the reflections on the television glass. Poor little guy. I know it wasn’t funny for you guys being awake until 2 a.m.

    Send me a link or a notice of when your slide show will be up on YouTube. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    Hope Jereme didn’t get into too much trouble being late for his anniversary dinner. Tell them both congratulations from me. I am very happy they have worked through the bad patch.

    Hope things settle down soon for you.

    Love you – Leslie

    • HI Leslie
      Thanks for asking about Brian, we are really hoping there is somekind of answer with whats going on but need to go through the proper channels and all. Will was pulling apart some boards with Jordans neighbor and yanked the wood apart and the bottom one had a nail sticking out and he pulled up hard and the nail stuck into his shin all the was to the wood. its a deep puncture. we got the sleeding to stop and he’s up to date on his shots so we are just watching how it heals, it looks pretty good so far. yup poor Levi wont even go into Will’s room now he was one scared little boy We even tried to show him that it is a reflection but cant get him to understand, all he knows is the tv isent on and he see’s stuff in it.
      The Anniversary date went well and Jordan has the oppertunity to help with the next 100 windmill blades being moved so that is good steady work for him.

      say hi to Joe from us
      Love and Hugs Shelly

  2. Poor Jereme being held up on his anniversary but hope all was okay.
    Sorry to hear that Brian has been having medical problems, hope something can soon be sorted for him.

    The antibiotics worked on the tooth so hope that it will stay settled down until my appointment and then see what the dentist decides to do.
    No it is being disappointingly slow on the house front, I’m trying to persuade Rod to go with an estate agent but he is being stubborn! He passionately hates estate agents but they do have their uses. In more favourable economic times selling privately would have worked in our favour but we need the wider audiences only estate agents can access.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • So happy that the antibiotics helped Lynn. I felt terrible for you having experienced to toothache reciently. Do you have to wait a long time til your dentist visit ? Not sure on what to do or not selling a house since we have never had to do that. Our mobile home is the only place we havent just rented. Best of luck to you convincing Rod. The anniversary date was a success and like I told Leslie the windmill blades transport promises Jordan steady work. Thanks for the kind words about Brian we too cant wait to get everything all figured out.

      Love and hugs,

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