unexpected barbeque last night


 we got home late last night from the cookout with Jordan and Melissa and after bedtime baths ect I was ready to jump into bed myself. Working on the pictures when I sign off here. I don’t get the small ones til noon tomorrow so if I’m up a little late I can still get fair amount of sleep. Hope you are all having a great day.

Love and Hugs




One thought on “unexpected barbeque last night

  1. Hmmm know how you feel about falling into bed! I have some sleep to catch up on, first from having little sleep because of the tooth pain then an early morning visit to the dentist and then babysitting all weekend from Friday until late Sunday. I have got out of the habit of early morning calls from little ones but with our two grandsons they think they have slept late if they don’t get up before 6.30 am 🙂 That is quite a shock to the system. Usually they get up, go downstairs and switch on the television for cartoons and drink their milkshake that has been left for them while I tried to catch a few more minutes snooze time but they didn’t leave me alone too long! So up, switch off television and get them breakfast and then dressed. Bless them!
    So this morning I enjoyed my lie in and was very lazy and didn’t get up before 11 am but suffered with a horrendous headache so I shall have to have less sleep tomorrow 😀
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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