Question on junque journal….

Hello  friends.

I have had a few things that’s kept me away today but have a  question for you…… I am making a page with wheat pennies. I know weird but I like wheat pennies and Brian has helped me collect one from every year they were made except a few which I’m looking for still.  From 1909 to 1958.  So my question is how would you think I could display them in my book?? I had thought about making squares with circles cut in the center and encasing them in cling wrap to make the weight in the page not as heavy as if I used the cardboard displays normally used and it wouldn’t cost as much. I am open to suggestions here. I make my blending tools with my old stamp handles the other day and still need to do some major cleanup in my space. I also found a YouTube video on making your own atg gun holder out of foam core board which I intend to enlist either Brian or Jordan tomorrow.( me and sharp blades equal disaster and we have enough with all the kids  lol ) On Thursday I had a very sore place come inside my nose , on Friday my eye was swollen and I tear up just wiping my nose so Dr. said come let them check I could be having some allergic reaction to my allergy meds….. got there and was told they had never seen anything like it?????? gave me antibiotics which seems to knock me for a loop and make me very sleepy so If I am not better after the meds have had a chance to work I will return. Boy it sucks having a sore nose. Brian see’s the Dr. tomorrow about his stomach, Will’s leg looks really good and Ariel’s sty is looking so much better. Needless to say my weekend of play has turned out to be a weekend of rest!! Ugh I had some big crafting plans!!!  hope you are all well.

Take care of yourselves.

Hugs and love,



4 thoughts on “Question on junque journal….

  1. Shelly, sorry it has been so long for me to respond to your post. I’m a bad friend 😦

    In answer to your query about mounting wheat pennies to your junque journal. You will need to have some kind of support for the weight.

    If I remember correctly you are using a composition journal and decorating the individual pages. As long as you don’t plan on displaying the journal standing upright, even being held on a stand, you should be able to put your pennies anywhere.

    If you attach them near the top of the page only it will make turning the page over a bit awkward. Balancing the weight top, bottom, and center would be better. The page will bow out because of the weight.

    Wrapping the pennies in cling wrap may make mounting them a challenge. If the cling wrap is your answer to gluing the penny itself to the page you may find the wrap separating over time.

    My suggestion would be to cut a cereal box panel to the size of your page – including near the spine. Glue the cereal box panel to the back side of the page you want to mount your pennies on. Decorate the cereal box panel like you are doing your other pages.

    Using a good heavy card stock, cut enough squares to cover your page. Probably 1-1/4″ square or 1-1/2″ square then punch a circle big enough for the penny to fit in each square.

    Mount your pennies in the cardstock and attach to the opposite side of the cereal box page. That will take care of the weight and support.

    Did you possibly get biten by some dang creepy crawly in your nose while sleeping? Sorry you are hurting and all swollen. Hope your doctors get it figured out.

    Please let us know what the doctors find is wrong with Brian. He remains in my prayers, as do you and your family.

    Love you – Leslie

    • The cereal box would definately hold the weight of the pennies. I thought I could maybe put them in page protetors and use the seal a meal thing to encase them?? I will have to play around with them. I want to make them with a lift up flap so I can pu ta small trifold (maybe regular paper if need be ) piece of paper so I can show which ones are my Mom and Dads birth year and my grandparents too. Silly maybe to others but one day my kids may need to know this and my grandparents were all passed away when my kids came along. I only have a few photos of them and think I will photo copy them to add to my book too. I feel kinda funny about this journal because it is so hap hazzard and a bit of this and that ( my over achiever and perfectionist personality rearing its ugly head lol) but I am having a good time working on it and that is what makes me happy. Small snippits of me time so it works great with all the small ones underfoot. Thank you for the help and ideas I really do appreciate any help with my penny project. I know you are busy and dealing with the horrible heat and that wears a person out even in the easiest of work which I know dont apply to you and Joe. Take care of yourselves. I will keep you up to date with Brians issues and thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers they mean more than I can express. Try and have a great day.
      Say hi to Joe from us 🙂

      hugs and love for you,

    • P. S. Lelsie you are not a bad friend I count you as a wonderful blessing and love you very much 🙂
      The nose seems to be getting better with the antibiotic just not suer what it is. I guess a creepy crawly could always be a possibilit. The only thing I know is I dont want it to happen again ever !! to me or anyone else as it was very painful and seems slow to go away.
      Now I’m off to watch the tigger movie with the kids 🙂
      love ya

  2. Hi Shelly
    So sorry not to have left a comment before now but have had no phone or internet for almost a week again. Our telephone line crosses someone else’s land and is buried and, for the second time, the line was cut whilst the owner was having a trench dug out. You would have thought that after the first time they would have taken more care but no! So frustrating 🙂
    So sorry to hear that you have been in pain but that the antibiotics are helping, sounds nasty! Hope Brian’s health issues are soon sorted too and glad to hear that Will and Ariel are both on the mend. Styes are so painful!
    Leslie seems to have come to the rescue with a solution for mounting your pennies. Except for the fact they are coins I wouldn’t have known what a wheat penny is 🙂 Never heard of them. Are they coins released to celebrate something?
    You are obviously enjoying your journal, the great thing about these journals is that you can turn them into whatever you want, make them as personal as you want too. I think they are a great idea and ideal for working on in short episodes especially when you have children around 🙂 I have a wood block from a stamp that I use felt on – adhered velcro onto the block, bought a cheap sheet of felt and cut this into pieces to fit the block and use it for the alcohol inks. I don’t have enough blocks to make tools for the cut ‘n’ dry foam but just use pieces of that for the distress ink pads or I use stencilling brushes. I refuse to pay the ludicrously high prices Ranger charge!

    You all take care now
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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