much happening around here

 I will try hard to reply to posts. I had started several replies only to somehow delete them.??? ugh!!! Brian is really feeling unwell so we are going to take him to the Emergency room when Melissa gets off work and we drop our children off to Brains Mom Carol who will keep them over night. I am really having a tough time right now with all the various health concerns with my parents and now Brian. I have spent many days and nights crying and being harsh with the kids which I HATE because they cannot help whats going on and I know they are dealing in the only way they know how.  Heather has been evicted from her house as her man cant work too many reasons to list but he could should he choose to. She is working as many hours as they will give her and taking on any that comes available. She has been approved for a link card which is through the state welfare for food so at least I know she is eating. She walks back and forth to work even in the scorching heat and late nights. She dont want to be here as we will not allow her boyfriend to live here with us, we have more than enough on our plate without the added stresses of all that. I guess when it rains it pours 🙂  Please dont think I’m on here complaining or whining I just thought that as my dear friends whom I really love you deserved the truth as to why I’ve been so absent and alooft lately. I read each post as they come into my inbox and save each one thinking I am going to reply only to have the days just run one into another. Brian is starting to become depressed and most days he has a hard time just coming out of the bedroom and the the kids seem to be more than he can handle on a regular basis. I will let you know what I find out this afternoon/evening. I love you and thank you for being so understanding.



3 thoughts on “much happening around here

  1. We are home finally from the hospital visit with some reassurances but still some unanswered questions. All of Brian’s bloodwork came back ok they were wondering if he had something going on with his heart so they checked all that out.We need to follow up with our family doctor on Monday. They said we may want to consider a stress test and they perscribed some anti anxiety medication to take this coming week til he has his endosiscope (? spelling) on Friday morning to make sure there is no ulscers or issues in his stomach and esophigus since he had the places on his vocal cord. They also want him to take omaprazole which stops the amount of acid the stomach produces twice daily as opposed to once like he has been. No ibuprofin for pain should he have any only tylenol as it does not thin the blood. All of this is overwhelming for him since he does not like to take medications unless it is a must like his high bloodpressure meds ( most on his Dads side of the family struggle with this ). Melissa and Jordan have Will who is enjoying a video game marathon with Jordan. Sierra has had a rough time this past few days from all the school shots, She had to get them over again since the Doctor they were seeing is no longer available and the records cant for some reason be fowarded ( Crazy goings on we called there and were told they arent open any more???) Sorta same situation with our pediatrition although it had something to do with his retiring and the current Dr. aquiring his practice luckily we are able to keep the new Dr and still get the records much stress here lately. Do you think sometimes I could write a soap opera and make some money from all the crazy things happening around here ? 🙂 lol All this said and done I’m going to check youtube and go to bed. Lynn by the way your book/card is very pretty I love the bird and feathers how unique is this. Leslie cant wait to hear about your adventures.
    Love and hugs to you,

    • Shelly, I am just heart sick reading your blog entry and the accompanying addition in the comments section.

      You and your family are beset by one trouble after another of late. The stress you all are under is quite daunting and I’m saddened to learn of them. You all are such wonderful people and I hate to see this dumping on all of you.

      With Brian suffering in his unknown illness all of you worry for him. Please know that I care for all of you. There is nothing I can do to help except raise you all in prayer.

      Shelly, at this time you need to take care of yourself. I know you are feeling guilt about Heather and her troubles but you can’t take those on. Heather is doing all she can to keep herself housed. One day she will kick the boyfriend’s a$$ to the curb.

      Your family seem to be gathering around you and easing some of the pressure. Jordan taking Will for a while to entertain him.

      As tough as it is right now you need the support and the bolstering of others. Do you think your church family might help by having someone to talk with? Maybe even get your children involved in any outings that are sponsored by the church? As for someone to pick your children up and drop them back home?

      Seriously Shelly, you need a buffer and a break from the constant chaos while you all are dealing with Brian’s unknown illness. Your kids need it also. They know you are hurting and they don’t know what to do. The stress causes them to act out in fear of losing their family.

      I sure do wish I could help. You just pour your heart out here. It is a safe place to do it. This trouble will pass and all will be right once again.

      Love you – Leslie

  2. Oh heck Shelly – you need a huge hug {{hugs}}. Life just gets on top of us at times and all the stresses going on just doesn’t help. So sorry to hear about Brian’s issues and how depressed he is feeling, hope something can soon be sorted for him. I understand how he feels about taking meds as I feel the same but men seem to handle this situation badly….especially men going through a mid life crisis as they seem to think it is a sign of old age. No it is a sign that you are unwell and the meds are to make you feel better 🙂
    Sorry you have such a lot going on in your life just now, having the children home is stressful at times too but you will all come through this okay.
    At least you can excape for a short time by going online and looking through blogs and youtube videos 🙂
    Keep your chin up girl and be strong.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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