Thanks for all the support

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement they are appreciated more than I can express. Yesterday, Sunday was not such a good day Brian has been having spells of faint feelings while breaking out in the sweats and a lot of nausea. This concerns me since he has only been sick throwing up and nausea twice in our almost 31 years together once when he drank on his 21st birthday first and only time for that and then once when he had the actual flu a few years back. Today has not been any better we have the small ones Jordan is on his way to Ohio and Melissa works til 630 and we have Will. The girls are still with Brian’s Mom Carol but the kids are too much chaos and he is feeling very ill. I got a Doctors appointment at 330 with our family physician with the hopes he will help to shed some kind of light on whats going on.  I will post again later to let you know what we find out.  Thanks again  🙂  I will look into getting some kind of help with the kids but not sure about the small ones as we are the only option since Melissa’s family are far away.



One thought on “Thanks for all the support

  1. Hope the doctor has been able to shed some light on Brian’s illness and do something about it.
    Doesn’t Melissa or Jordan know of anyone else who can take the children, you and Brian really shouldn’t be their only option especially at this time. You need time to yourselves to get sorted without having to worry about the care of little children.
    Thinking of you all Shelly and hope all this chaos soon gets sorted and you can get back onto an even keel.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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