A much better day

Today was one of the best days we’ve had in a while. Doctors set up the extra scope on Friday morning and I was finally able to convince Brian into taking the anti anxiety pill and that seemed to make a huge difference in this out look today. The Girls came back home tonight and Brian was out of the bedroom the whole day.  He played with the kids and wanted to go take some photos of the windmills in progress at the wind farm being set up near us. I cooked some chicken for dinner and he actually ate today he’s lost a fair amount of weight the last few weeks. So I am a very happy camper as I type this post I can hardly wait for friday to get here so we can get this all over with.  Lynn as far as the small ones go there isnt anyone around here (family) who aren’t working themselves to help out and when we approach Brian about the idea of someone else with the little ones he gets very touchy Can you say very attached Pampy? 🙂   Brian didn’t have any interaction with any of his grandparents aunts or uncles growing up some he never even met so the family ties are important to him. He has very strong feelings on who takes care of our children or the grandbabies I think some may stem from things being so difficult for him growing up.Many foster homes not because of wrong doing on his Moms part just several mental breakdowns of a single young mother without any help of any kind. Of course I see where a break could be helpful and Melissa’s parents are making a trip down here soon and going to take the kids again later in July. I am hopeful with this medication being a help to get past this rough spot. I just feel much less down trodden today It was great to see  My Man more like his self.  🙂 happy Me

Leslie I hope that Joe and you are holding up in this melting heat Thank heavens for air conditioning here lately.  I was able to get some nice barn photos today also that  I wanted to share (thinking of you too Lynn) after seeing the ones you had posted a while back. So do you think you will be getting a few days back at your own house for a pit stop? It’s always nice to sleep in your own bed after being away plus I bet you would like to catch a glimpse of your craftroom 🙂  I havent had the time or desire to work an any crafty thing and I keep thinking I should  just do it anyway as I walk past the mess that still sets there waiting to be put away.  Maybe a few margaritas will be in order after I get things in order around here and who knows??? I could have some really creative pages just might not remember what I did to get them 🙂  Hummmm…….. a plan is formulating…….   🙂

Hope you are all doing well and Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers I really appreciate it all.

Much love and many hugs,


3 thoughts on “A much better day

  1. Wednesday morning has rolled around and things are going well withthe kids around here. My Brian was up off and on all night trying to chit chat with me I think the meds finally kicked in and his body is just so worn out he couldnt fight it any longer. So I didnt get much sleep in between his bits and pieces of of conversations 🙂 but thats fine with me. The meds this morning made him stumble around trying to get out of bed again I think he has been so sleep deprived and he hit his ear on the bookshelf thankfully he is not hurt. So my plan today is to let him sleep as much as possible since he starts the clear liquid diet in the morning then the gallon of other stuff he has to start drinking at 5 p.m. tomorrow to be prepped for Fridays procedures. I dont think there will be alot of sleep for him tomorrow night 😦 We had planned on taking the kids to the park today but we have a high heat advisory of temps around 110 so maybe we will stay in the house watching movies,playing games and possibly work on the junque journals I bought 3 more composition notebooks because Will,Sierra and Levi want to journal too. Hope you are all doing well I will keep you posted .
    Thanks for popping in .

    Love and Hugs,

    • Shelly it was lovely to read your much more upbeat blog post and so happy for you that Brian felt much better after taking the anti anxiety tablets – my word what a diference they made to him. Such a worrying time for you all though and hope the tests on Friday are good.
      Isn’t amazing how much our moods affect children? They really are affected by them and get confused because they don’t understand what is going on.
      Our grand daughter spent the day with us today as she was feeling poorly and her brother joined her at lunchtime after his playgroup session also here was our daughter Jill with her youngest son Dylan. He is such an energetic little boy, he ran non stop for 15 minutes, we were timing him! I so wish some of that energy could be bottled, we’d all be millionaires and I certainly need some of it too! He is such an imaginative lad and so funny 🙂
      Phew those temps are far too high, hope you enjoy the junque journals, they have become quite a craze in your household LOL That is lovely though to have all the children interested in crafting.

      After Brian’s childhood experiences I can understand him not wanting to have just anyone looking after his children/grandchildren but it must be very wearing for you all at times. Hope Melissa’s parents can give you a good break.

      Looking forward to seeing your barn photos and the windmill ones too, I love those windmills. I think they are very elegant 🙂

      Good luck for Friday Shelly and Brian 🙂
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

  2. It is heartening to hear your Brian is in better spirits aided by the meds.

    Like Brian my mother was in and out of mental hospitals all if my young life. Seeing her in such states was frightening. As I got older I feared I was following in her path. When meds were suggested for me I fought it. Taking the meds was akin to admitting that I was losing my mind.

    Stress is the biggest problem in depression. The rampant horemones, adrelinine, and endorphins within our bodies after prolonged stress creates our brains to become chemically imbalanced. The meds help to turn off some of the hormonal and chemical switches drowning our brains. Life takes on a whole different aspect and it gets better, as Brian is finding. The upside is that he is not facing a life sentence of being medicated.

    When the stress was finally relieved in our home I went off the meds a year later and have been off since.

    Brian and his stomach concerns are still in my prayers. I hope he fares well through the procedures and gets that behind him. Keep us posted when the results are found.

    Have fun playing with the junque journals. All of you :-). Hope you find a bit of quiet when the other grandparents take the kiddos off your hands for a few days.

    Hope both you and Brian get your much needed sleep tonight.

    Love you – Leslie

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