Howdy :)

Hi all¬† ūüôā

Have a few free minutes before I climb into bed for the night.¬† I think things may be getting all ironed out. My Mom is talking about moving back in with my Dad and My sister may take over Moms mobile home payment and live there. Not sure about my Brothers but they are grownups and can fare for their selves. I think Ariel’s¬†bed wetting is getting back under control and Will seen the DR, yesterday and we got his meds adjusted and have had a better day. I have a lot¬†to learn about bi polar in teens with crazy hormones¬† which can be a test just in its self. Brian is feeling better and has only had to use his meds a few times.¬† We are under the stinkin¬† heat wave¬†that I can’t¬†wait til it’s over. Guess we are a state which is under drought and you sure can tell the corn looks frail but the beans look nice and green¬† so maybe some farmers will still have some kind of crop to harvest this fall. Each of you take care and know I’m thinking of you.


Much love and many hugs to you



Long time no post…. just being lazy lately

Hello everyone¬† ūüôā

Things are going better around here Brian is feeling so much better.

Doctor is keeping him on the anxiety meds for a while¬†and he is ok with that. We are finally free of the horrific heat wave for now anyway. although we are still having temps in the 90’s.¬† The kids seem to be getting back to normal .¬†¬† We had a nice family visit with all the kids except for Heather but we will have to get us all together soon. I have been working hard on giving up the worries about the older kids and trying to stay focused on Brian and the ones at home. I think some times seriously that my life is like one of those daytime soap operas. Do any of you feel like that?? I think of all the crazy goings on and think am I the only one with this bizarre stuff happening all the time. ?¬† I have been watching the feeds that I get in my inbox sometimes it has been a few days between getting the lap top even turned on. which seems so weird to me since I hardly let a day go by without checking stuff out normally.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I did get to work a bit on my journal a bit this week and think if everything goes well maybe tonight also. I will be meeting Melissa after work because Will and Sierra both need blood drawn for school admittance. I think¬† it will help her knowing Will was ok getting his. Just wanted to check in to say Hi and let you I’ve not forgotten you all.

Love and hugs,


Brian’s update

Hi everyone¬† ūüôā

wanted to pop in to give you an update on Brian.¬†Both scope tests ¬†went well¬†Dr, said things looked good¬† but did find some gastritis in his stomach so that could be causing the pain we have a follow-up¬†appointment on Friday the 6th.¬† He didn’t¬†sleep much yesterday like he should have¬† ( he’s not a good patient).¬† His throat is still pretty sore and¬†He has lost about 16 pounds the past few weeks since he wasnt¬†hungry.¬† I hope he gets his appetite¬†back soon. He has been having a some uneasiness I guess that¬† is a good way to describe it. He ended up taking an anti anxiety¬†pill this evening and laying down and he’s¬†sleeping finally. I think the chaos is a bit more than he can handle so I think he may need to take them for a while¬†I’ll ask about that when we are at his appointment. So this being said I had a long talk with the kids tonight and told them they needed to stop all the bickering and fighting.¬† There is no need to constantly be fussing with each other. Now to just wait and see how it goes.¬†¬† In the midst of all that’s¬†going on I have a stupid urinary tract infection. !!!! had to get a round of antibiotics this is only the second¬† one I’ve ever had and I don’t¬†like it.¬† So today I worked on getting the laundry caught up and some things back where they went. I have let things pile up these past few weeks¬†¬† ¬†ūüė¶¬†¬† ¬†I hate to get so behind.¬† Don’t know¬† if we will be going to church in the morning but I need to get around as if we are. Thanks for checking , Sorry to not answer on each post I feel lucky to get a bit of a breather so not much time to be on here.

Take care friends

Love and Hugs,