Brian’s update

Hi everyone  🙂

wanted to pop in to give you an update on Brian. Both scope tests  went well Dr, said things looked good  but did find some gastritis in his stomach so that could be causing the pain we have a follow-up appointment on Friday the 6th.  He didn’t sleep much yesterday like he should have  ( he’s not a good patient).  His throat is still pretty sore and He has lost about 16 pounds the past few weeks since he wasnt hungry.  I hope he gets his appetite back soon. He has been having a some uneasiness I guess that  is a good way to describe it. He ended up taking an anti anxiety pill this evening and laying down and he’s sleeping finally. I think the chaos is a bit more than he can handle so I think he may need to take them for a while I’ll ask about that when we are at his appointment. So this being said I had a long talk with the kids tonight and told them they needed to stop all the bickering and fighting.  There is no need to constantly be fussing with each other. Now to just wait and see how it goes.   In the midst of all that’s going on I have a stupid urinary tract infection. !!!! had to get a round of antibiotics this is only the second  one I’ve ever had and I don’t like it.  So today I worked on getting the laundry caught up and some things back where they went. I have let things pile up these past few weeks    😦    I hate to get so behind.  Don’t know  if we will be going to church in the morning but I need to get around as if we are. Thanks for checking , Sorry to not answer on each post I feel lucky to get a bit of a breather so not much time to be on here.

Take care friends

Love and Hugs,



3 thoughts on “Brian’s update

  1. I do hope your talk with the children helps Shelly, they need to be reminded that there are other people to consider from time to time 🙂
    Sorry to hear that you have an infection now and hope the antibiotics soon get to work. I had antibiotics to clear up an infected tooth and ended up with cystitis….boy does that hurt when needing to pee. Luckily it soon disappeared.
    Hope that Brian can soon be helped along and that the gastric problem can be sorted.
    It is so easy to let things slide Shelly especially when you have a lot of worry on your plate. A little bit each day will soon get on top of things again, after all housework is a minor thing compared to the health of you all.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Lynn I sure can relate with the burning when I had to pee 😦 it started in the middle of the night so I had to wait til the next aftrenoon to get an appointment I thought it was never going to get there. 🙂 I finished my antibiotics and the meds thay gave me to numb the urinary tract ( bright yellow pee for a few days but so worth the relief ) happy for you to know the tooth pain and infection is atleast gone. Do you have to have it pulled? or crowned?
      I hope the talk with the kids helps but they are a very arguing bunch so we had the no talk day yesterday and I let them know I would be introducing the paddle for a swat on the behind if they pushed me. and this is going to be a standing rule So I concider them fair warned. We went to church this morning and I’m convinced ther is some anxiety or panic feelings which is so unlike my sweetie. He said his chest gets really tight and his stomach starts to hurt really bad, so it has made for a roller coaster type of day for us. I think he’s made it the whole day with out taking a pill and thinks he can just weather this storm but I want him to take it if he needs to. He didnt get this way overnight so I can only expect it will take awhile to get back on his feet again. Laundry is finished finally and kitchen is scrubbed so I feel better.
      I am off to watch a movie with the kids before we turn in for the night we get the small ones at 7:30 in the morning for the next 2 days then have Wednesday the 4th of july(independance day) off, We will go to the park to watch the fireworks display. Should be fun for us all.
      Take care Love ya

  2. I tried to leave a comment on your posts using my phone but had such difficulty. I can finally get it done now.

    Please let Brian know that the meds are to help him and any fears he has about being stuck on them for the rest of his life – or the fear of becoming like his Mother – are unfounded.

    I can totally relate to what he is experiencing. Having had a mother that was in and out of mental institutions when I was a child was no picnic. As I got older and had my own issues I felt for sure I was standing at the cliff edge of an abyss that was so deep I’d be lost forever in the illness as my mother was. I balked at the idea of taking meds because that, to me, meant that I was my mother.

    Having taken the meds for a number of years I can tell you that Brian will benefit from them. The stress he is experiencing has overwhelmed him. I wonder if he feels the weight of being the sole support of his family is largely his troubles. With all the illnesses your family has experienced over the past couple years and the outside family members bringing their troubles in can make for one wild ride and poor Brian is on that roller coaster.

    Let Brian know that he will be able to get off the meds successfully when he is more able to cope with the stress in his life. That is also the contributing factor to his gastritis and stomach ailments. The anti depressants will help him to better cope with the stress and, in time, finally be free of the meds.

    As for you and your bladder infections, get a bottle of Cranberry juice and drink it. Not the whole bottle at one swoop but a couple glasses a day along with water throughout the day. You can get the Cran-Apple, Cran-Grape, Cran-Raspberry, or just Cranberry. I prefer the Cran-Grape but that is just me. The Cranberry is too tart for my tastes.

    Cranberries are natures kidney cleanser and works wonders on the bladder. Also, get yourself about three containers of yogurt. The natural bacteria in the yogurt will replenish the good bacteria for your guts which has been obliterated by the antibiotics.

    As for your rowdy kids. They know there is trouble in the house and are feeling helpless and afraid of losing their home so they are acting out more than usual. Their Dad is acting differently from the Dad they know and love and that has them reeling. Your children already have self esteem issues and these new events have rocked their world and turned it upside down. The infighting is part of their frustration.

    Shelly, it may be time to invite an outside source to have a talk with your children about what is going on and help to assure them that their lives are only disrupted right now and not over. You have mentioned your church, can you speak with your Pastor? I know that it is not the norm for you guys to seek outside help and let your “laundry” be aired but there are times when it is necessary to bring in an outsider who is not totally involved in the situation to help the kids understand what is going on and their actions are only contributing to the problems.

    I know you and Brian have the children’s best interests at heart and I know you two are totally loving and caring people. The two of you are caught in a maelstrom right now and need to be supported.

    Love you my Friend – Leslie

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