Long time no post…. just being lazy lately

Hello everyone  🙂

Things are going better around here Brian is feeling so much better.

Doctor is keeping him on the anxiety meds for a while and he is ok with that. We are finally free of the horrific heat wave for now anyway. although we are still having temps in the 90’s.  The kids seem to be getting back to normal .   We had a nice family visit with all the kids except for Heather but we will have to get us all together soon. I have been working hard on giving up the worries about the older kids and trying to stay focused on Brian and the ones at home. I think some times seriously that my life is like one of those daytime soap operas. Do any of you feel like that?? I think of all the crazy goings on and think am I the only one with this bizarre stuff happening all the time. ?  I have been watching the feeds that I get in my inbox sometimes it has been a few days between getting the lap top even turned on. which seems so weird to me since I hardly let a day go by without checking stuff out normally.      I did get to work a bit on my journal a bit this week and think if everything goes well maybe tonight also. I will be meeting Melissa after work because Will and Sierra both need blood drawn for school admittance. I think  it will help her knowing Will was ok getting his. Just wanted to check in to say Hi and let you I’ve not forgotten you all.

Love and hugs,



4 thoughts on “Long time no post…. just being lazy lately

  1. Hi Shelly so glad to hear that Brian is on the mend and feeling much better. I have been out of the loop for 10 days as our telephone line was jinxed again but several homes were affected this time. It is thought a tree fell bringing the line down – so no landline and no internet and our mobile signal is not the best here. There are times when I think our life is a farce let alone like a soap 🙂
    I agree with you entirely about the older children – yes we always worry about our children no matter how old they are but it is their lives, their choices and their responsibilities. We took this decision a long time ago otherwise we would be driving ourselves mad with worry and we came to the realization that we have our own lives to live too and the older children have to respect that as well.
    We keep in touch with the older ones of course but we then found that one or two of them expected us to do all the contacting , we disabused them of that idea – it has to be a two way thing so if they can’t be bothered then we don’t either. When you make that decision and live by it, then it is surpising how much of a weight is lifted off your shoulders 🙂

    Take care now
    Love and hugs
    Lynn x

    • Sorry about the downed line again at least you werent the only ones this time. I do agree that the older ones need to stand on their own sink or swim but with Heather it’s been kinda tough lately. She dosent call all the time complaining ,however she posts to face book which we see if we are on or it gets back to us by well meaning family and friends.She is presently living in a tent in a friends yard which caused me much worry with the severe heat warnings we were having the past few weeks around 110 daily and in the mid to upper 80’s at night. All over tv and raido we hear of how people out in this heat all the time were having heat strokes and stuff so it was hard not to be concerned for her. Jordan and Melissa seem to be faring well and Poor Jereme is still coming to grips with Alice leaving him Which is understandable as he thought she was the one he’d have a family and grow old with not that he calls me much and complains ( he is kinda a tight lipped person with his personal life : like his Daddy ). Things just seem to be piling up at warp speed this summer. My kids go back to school August 20th and Sierra starts on the 22nd so we will just have Levi while she has her half day of pre K. So our days should slow down a bit. I hope you are enjoying better weather. How is your garden ? I still have my marigolds in the window sill and they are blooming nicely,during the very hot days I took them out of the window seemed they were getting burned.
      It’s great to hear from you.
      Love and hugs,

  2. Shelly, are you alright?! The tone of your posts suggest you are overwhelmed and quite possibly experiencing a bit of depression yourself. I am getting concerned.

    Not to be harsh or mean, but I think it is maybe time to step back a bit from your older children and your parents. They have made their decisions and are living with the results of those choices. Your younger children need you more.

    You have such a giant sized heart and feel solely responsible for your entire family. Give yourself some of the love and take care of yourself and your little family.

    Sure do wish I were closer :-(. {{hugs}}

    Love you – Leslie

    • I am ok Leslie maybe a bit depressed but I think its getting better. I am definately overwhelmed. As I posted to Lynn I am trying harder to just let the older ones go and not be so concerned about their choices(sometimes easier said than done ) As for my parents as the one in charge of their affairs more or less thats another story. I have power of attorney over my Dads affairs which I will let him handle til he cant anymore and I have to step in. My Momalthough she has my Brother and or brothers living with her. I am the only one she trusts with her affairs although my sister helps me out with her. My older Brother is parolled to her and her address til it is finished in the next 6 months to a year unless they release him sooner for being good. My younger one has a girlfriend who he lives with as long as he is not beating her ( My Mom called and had him arrested) any way one of them I think the younger one has been stealing her money and she told him not to come back over. I just wish she would reconcile with my Dad and they would both be happier since they both hate being apart from each other. Super long and wacky story the two of them. Now my Mom has been having a lot more breathing spells and has her self all worked up over the changes in the medi care and her heath insurance cuts. Our Governor has issued a huge cut and our seniors are feeling the changes most. Anyway that is some of my latest goings on around here. On a fantastic note my Brian is feeling so much better I am just so overjoyed at this. It’s amazing how the right medications can really make a change. He can take up to 3 a day and has only been taking 1 or 2 a day. We have the weekend off so its just our family and Brian has set the kids to work on thwir seriously messy rooms ( cant walk on the floor messy) ok I need to run my battery is almost dead and I need to get it plugged in. Thanks for checking in on me Ladies I so appreciate your friendship.
      I love you both

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