Howdy :)

Hi all  🙂

Have a few free minutes before I climb into bed for the night.  I think things may be getting all ironed out. My Mom is talking about moving back in with my Dad and My sister may take over Moms mobile home payment and live there. Not sure about my Brothers but they are grownups and can fare for their selves. I think Ariel’s bed wetting is getting back under control and Will seen the DR, yesterday and we got his meds adjusted and have had a better day. I have a lot to learn about bi polar in teens with crazy hormones  which can be a test just in its self. Brian is feeling better and has only had to use his meds a few times.  We are under the stinkin  heat wave that I can’t wait til it’s over. Guess we are a state which is under drought and you sure can tell the corn looks frail but the beans look nice and green  so maybe some farmers will still have some kind of crop to harvest this fall. Each of you take care and know I’m thinking of you.


Much love and many hugs to you


2 thoughts on “Howdy :)

  1. So glad things are levelling out for you Shelly which means less stress for you and then perhaps your crafty mojo will reappear 🙂 Brilliant news about Brian and Will too.
    I have several things to put up on my blog but just don’t seem to get around to it. I’m working on quite a large project at the moment so any spare time is donated to that. All will be revealed when it is completed 🙂 It is a technique new to me but great fun and requires a hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks! Can you guess what it is?????? If you have a look at Tim Coffey Art on Youtube you might guess then.
    On the weather front it looks as though we are finally about to have a summer! The jet stream has decided to shift to its proper place and let us have some warm sunshine and dryness 🙂 I expect we will then complain it is too hot and of course it will be because we haven’t had a chance to aclimatise ourselves to warmer, dryer weather and as it warms up we shall be bothered by all the biting insects as there has been so much water – so we will have to hunt out the mosquito repellent.
    The jet stream being in the ‘wrong’ place is what has caused your very hot dry weather. So perhaps you will have more seasonal weather soon.

    Our youngsters have just finished school for the summer break, so no more school until the beginning of September. Both Kim and Liam have had excellent reports and are achieving above their age groups – Liam won a trophy for the child who made most progress in Reception class! Children in this class usually score between 50 – 70%, Liam has scored 106%!!! He can’t understand what all the fuss is about 🙂 Kim’s brother Joe will start school in September – so he will be in Reception, he is a typical lazy boy though, knows the stuff but can’t be bothered!
    Dylan starts playgroup/nursery next January – at the moment he is recovering from Chickenpox! Poor little mite is covered from head to toe in large itchy spots which don’t go well with his eczema.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Shelly, I’m so glad to hear that your household has quieted down and is getting back to normal. You’ve needed a respit from all the chaos of ills and the unusually hot weather.

    Glad to hear that Brian is doing better with his meds and he can take them as he needs them instead of being tied to them continuously. That is a bonus in itself 😀

    Poor Ariel and her fretting. Her bedwetting has to be an indicator that she is feeling safer in her world that she had been for a while. I know it is more work for you to do keeping on top of the sheets and bed clothes. Maybe you will get a break here soon and the anxiety will right itself for no more bedwetting. Once can always hope.

    I’m glad your Mom has decided she needs to have help with her illnesses and has moved back with your Dad. Maybe the two of them can help each other get better 😀

    I’m looking forward to seeing any new creative items you come up with as you find time, and the desire, to get crafty. You take care of yourself.

    Love you – Leslie

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