As I type this we are waiting on Brian to come out of the antiques store. Each one of us with a different type of electronic device to keep us occupied. School is quickly approaching and will be here in a blink of an eye. Each child is getting antsy waiting on the big day to get here. I am filled with mixed emotions this year the summer has gone by so fast.  Brian and I had a wonderful weekend alone in Chicago. We spent the night in a suburb just south of the city Saturday night. Sunday morning we headed up to the Shedds aquarium and then the Willis  tower formally the sears tower. It is an impressive building standing 103 stories high towering over the other high rise buildings surrounding it.  All in all it was a very fun trip, kind of odd not chasing the kids all around every once in a while  I’d hear a child calling Mom and turn to realize it wasn’t one of ours Lol  J

Yesterday we took Will to a podiatrist  about his ingrown  toenails and had them worked on. They numbed him up and cut the nails down to the root and used some kind of acid to create a scarred area that will keep the nail from growing back again.  It will take a few weeks before he feels better they say and he may miss some of his gym class at the onset of school but I am hopeful this will solve the problem for good.

We have been very fortunate this summer after the way it started to have been able to have two mini vacations.  Grizzly Jacks for three days with all five kiddies (we took the little ones along) a day a Raccoon lake with Melissa and her folks and the Chicago one so we have been quite busy. The only bad thing that happened is my broken camera L   I dropped it Sunday at Willis tower while getting Brains battery out of the camera bag. Boo hoo  My sweetie says I get a new one for a anniversary present he’s so sweet.  I think today we will look while in  Champaign Urbana waiting on Jereme to get off work. We have a set of dishes for him and we get to see his new apartment which he is excited about.

I will have to get some photos posted I have been so lax lately on my blogging. My desk is piled sky high with  all sorts of   trinkets and souvenirs collected from the summer not to mention I dug out all my scrap paper bits and pieces- way too much. I have several projects in various stages of completion waiting on me. I found some really neat charms and shaped paper clips, hey a girl can never have too many of those or staplers of various sizes and color staples. Tee hee  J   Thanks by the way for the anniversary wishes I appreciate them. Hey Lynn when is your Birthday and anniversary? I remember your castle post with the sweet buggy but the date has slipped my mind. I think we should to a tag with an about me list of questions maybe. What do you all think?  Well I guess I need to end for now the battery on this thing is running down.

I’m back !! I did find a camera on sale at Best Buy so now I need to read and then re-read the manual to wrap my brain around how it works. I’m kinda slow sometimes to change J and then there’s the new editing software hope it’s  easier??

So how are you all doing? Leslie are you and Joe back on the road? Are your weather temps any better? We have had some rain finally so Brian had to mow the lawn it looks nice seeing the green shoots sprouting up again plus been getting some cooler temps at night we had some upper 50‘s. What about your weather Lynn still getting lots of rain? I feel like I have been away for so long and have a lot to catch up on J     Hope you are all feeling well and enjoying your days. Gonna get off here so I can post hope to hear from ya soon.

Love and Hugs,


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  1. What a wonderful weekend you and Brian had to celebrate your anniversary, so glad you were able to have some time together but sorry you broke your camera. However good for you finding another one and a lovely gift from your sweetheart 🙂
    I like the idea of an About Me tag Shelly, that sounds a great idea – do we post them (via snail mail) to each other?? A piece of personal art work to treasure would be wonderful 🙂
    Do hope Will’s toes aren’t too painful and soon heal. I had been visiting the podiatrist for some years trying to sort out my ingrown nails and those deformed by a fungal growth and it was thought I would have to have several nails removed but finally, with a great deal of patience, the nails are at last growing normally again. I can now trim and file my own nails with just an occasional visit to the podiatrist to sort out any problems.
    Our grandchildren start back to school at the beginning of September so they still have a few weeks to go. Weatherwise we continue to have wet days followed by dry day before more rain or overcast muggy weather. With an occasional freak weather condition thrown in amongst it all.

    Would love to see a photo of your charms that you have recently bought. I love charms and vintage buttons 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Ah, a mini honeymoon. You two have needed just that bit of medicine to cure most all ails 😀 There is nothing quite a wonderful as alone time with your spouse. No kids, although you constantly think of them. Just the two of you seeing the sights, having meals at a table for two, unhurried walking while holding hands and just chatting. Time enough to be back in the real world, as you are now.

    Sorry you broke your camera while on the trip. Brian is such a sweetie to get you a new one as an anniversary gift. You’ll probably hate the new camera for a while until you get used to all the new things it does, then you will be the one to turn to for answers 😀

    Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the public schools I attended required the girls to dress in heels and skirts or dresses. My toes gave me fits being jammed into the tight confines of those high heels. One trick I learned way back then was to wrap the tip of a toothpick with cotton. I used a cotton ball and pulled a small amount of the cotton loose to wind around the toothpick tip. A whole lot smaller than a Q-Tip head. I’d peel the cotton off the toothpick then press the cotton into the corner of my toe nail that became entrenched in the nail bed. The cotton raised the nail just a bit and kept it off the bed as it grew out. I had to remove the old cotton nightly and apply a new piece after a bath.

    I haven’t worn heels in so about 20 years so I don’t know how badly my feet would rebel at being jammed into shoes tightly once more.

    I’m glad you are getting rain. It has been needed in your area. We had rain for about an hour today. The first rain since late April early May. Sounds as though Lynn is getting the most of it 😀

    Maybe once the kids are back in school you might dabble in creating a page or two in your Smash Books and show us all your creative expression of the fun filled summer you have had this year.

    The “Tag” idea sounds like fun! Count me in when it is decided what we are to do. I’d love to have a go at making several of them and mailing them out. A swap!

    Take care. Joe says “Hi”.

    Love you – Leslie

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