Hello My wonderful friends

Finally getting myself motivated to update on all that has transpired these past few weeks. First of all  A HUGE THANK YOU  to you my friends for praying for us keeping us in your thoughts in our time of loss and in our travels you are so appreciated  🙂  I must say to you Leslie and your Dear Joe  that I have gained more appreciation and awe for what you both do traveling the highways and byways across the United States. This trip has kicked my Butt big time !! I am still trying to get caught up on all my housework and have grand thoughts of the things I want to do and need to do but am so tired I can’t seem to get much done around here. And school make up work has been a bit of a chore because the kids are just as tired.  Brian had the privilege of speaking at his Fathers funeral and it both broke my heart and made my heart swell with pride at what a wonderful man I have as he said goodbye to his Dad. My Brian is a very private with his emotions and to hear him speak of his love for his dad and weep that it had been so long since he’d been able to see him never imagining that it would be like it was.  It has been pretty rough lately but I think it has brought us all together and made us stronger as a family both near and far. Right before we left to head home we were shown a letter Brian’s Dad wrote the day he was diagnosed asking that his family remain a family and hold tight to each other if he should die. Brian’s parents divorced when he was 2 and Judy his step Mom has been with his Dad for 44 years  and she will always be apart of our family  as well as the others there in Sacramento.

Brian’s Mom Carol lives here in Illinois and has a wonderful husband Verlon who we love just as much so we have been blessed with a great family. Carols heart tests came back good a few days after we left on our trip which we are so grateful for  but she needs to take the blood thinner for a whole year and have tests come back good over that time period . My Mom was in the hospital while I was away and having some difficulty with her breathing still so I think another trip to the Doctor will need to be made. My Dad has an appointment on monday about the spots on his head and arms to see if it looks like more spots of skin cancer so I am hoping that all goes well. Urinary infections in the cat and myself are all healed up another round of thanks. My tooth has been bothering me a lot but I see the dentist on Tuesday so that is good. Brian has been having a lot of pain in his belly so please keep him in your thought and prayers.

Now to you again Leslie I finally got to your vacation posts and what a great bunch of fun all of you being together. I am like Carissa I love the crazy rides as do most of my kiddies  🙂 Brian on the other hand isnt a big fan of rides but takes us because we enjoy them so much.  The renewing of vows had me crying like a baby what a special time that must have been. Pretty sly of you to sneak that past Joe 🙂   How cool to have your family all in on the big surprise. How is Joe ? Been thinking of you two while we were out.

Lynn thank you for your kind words also I have though of you while away too. I sure miss the blogging conversations with the two of you and have checked your crafty post Lynn.  I am very grateful for your friendships and appreciate you both more than I can express. I truly do love you both my dear friends.

Sorry to be so sappy but with all that’s going on around here I have been hit with a cold glass of reality of how frail this life can be and to be more appreciative of the great things in my life. So to spite all that’s happening I am choosing to be happy and enjoy those that I love and make sure that those I love know just what they mean to me.   I hope this finds you well and enjoying life to the fullest.      Crafty things to come soon.  I got  sweet lot of crafty goodies before we left from Brian and his Mom for my birthday but havent got the chance to play with them yet  😦

Take care

Love and Hugz



Sacramento California bound

Well its official folks we start our road trip early tomorrow ( Monday) morning.
Brian’s Dad passed away this past Thursday from the lung cancer. Brian and family are coping well but the thought of getting on a plane  had him ready not to go plus the separation from us ( we are a very close family)  so we decided that we will all go. The three older kids Jereme, Jordan  and Heather have work and things that make it just not feasible for them to go. We will be taking the three younger ones who have never met Brian’s Dad or family there so this may be the only opportunity for them and the others had been able to.  So s I type we are getting things ready laundry washing and drying, packing ,vehicle inspections, fridge cleaned out of what will need to be used this week and Brian is packaging like a fool all of his eBay things that can go out early in the morning.  Our little P J kitty has been peeing blood the last couple of days so a trip to the vet confirmed an infection in her bladder not just stress like she’s had before. She is feeling better after a shot in the hiney and some antibiotics twice a day. I am having some problems with what I thought was my ear but is actually my back molar that has a very large cavity which isnt noticable from the outside but the x-ray caught it while I was getting a small filling last Wednesday. So I am freaking out a bit after the last tooth incident they will try to save it but we wont know til they get working on it . I will have to reschedule this for when we get back along with Ariels school physical which got lost in the nightmare medical records switch this past summer. So much going on seems a bit overwhelming. I will try to post while we are away but if I don’t please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I have missed our conversations through our blogging but have felt like you all have your own pressing concerns and I didn’t want to seem like all I do is whine and complain.

I love you all


Health updates

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. Brian’s Mom is still hospitalized Seems like the meds ( cumiden) aren’t doing as well as they hoped so they are talking about the procedure to shock the part that is misfiring and the success rate is 98% for this so that is good. She is in good spirits are good. Brian took her some books to read and his sister Barb has been going up and playing scrabble with her regularly.  He also called his Dad Bill to see how his first chemo treatment went today and although it was a 7 hour treatment he has not gotten sick and they say that’s good. Brian was able to speak with him for about a minute as he has a hard time breathing, they put him on oxygen finally so that is helping him out.  We will just have to be patient and see what happens although sometimes that’s hard to do.

Tonight we had open house at the grade school and go to meet the girls teachers some of which the older kids have had already. Jasmine is getting along very well which don’t surprise us. Ariel has teachers who will help her along this year and finally I feel like we will be able to get her tested for an individual education plan which we have thought she’s needed since we started her public education.

We are still having crazy hot weather and bouts of rain but we are all felling good around here.  This next week Melissa’s Mom is going to take Levi the stay with them for a days that will be weird to not have the small guy tagging along after me so With Sierra in pre school half day I’ll have my mornings free I still havent gotten myself into my crafty space but always have the best intentions 🙂 Loving your layouts Leslie and was so happy to hear that Joe is getting cleared for work again I bet that makes him so happy. Are there take home menus from the places you frequent for meals while you’re on the road maybe you could have meals already checked out for Joes restrictions ?? Lots of work I know we had to do this with our last foster son as he was insulin dependant so feeding him was a big learning experience, but was a lot easier with the information I needed  close at hand.  gotta pop off here so I can go to bed just wanted you all to know I’m thinking of you.

Love and big {{{hugz}}}



Hi everyone 🙂

Been following posts and even commenting once in a while. We have been busy getting into the school routine which is crazy with each kid having tons of homework every night so far. Makes for a fun few hours when they get home we have decided to do like last year and limit the time they get to spend on it to an hour to an hour in a half and what they don’t get done get tacked onto the next days in hopes that they will use their time at school wisely and get it done there. Brian has had to settle into a new routine with his bus route with added stops and new procedures and some online training courses for safety and emergency situations plus both inspections upon starting nd ending his route.

We have had some bad news the past few weeks Brian’s Dad in California was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer about a week and a half ago the crazy thing is he’s been sick for almost a year now and the Doctors kept telling him he had allergies and lung infections and definitely not cancer like he was worried about and after so many visits to the doctor they finally gor them to run further tests around the end of July and the tests came back cancer with one lung full and the other part way and its in his lymph nodes too. He had a stint put in last week to get the chemo started they give him 2 to 6 months without chemo and up to a year with it so brian hs been doing a lot of research and there is a Doctor there in Sacramento at UC Davis who is pioneering some new ways to treat cancer more effectively so wer will just have to wait and see. I am sure Brian will be making a trip there in the near future. To top it off His mom is in the hospital this weekend with some heart issues he is up there now seeing her to find out more about whats going on. If I have it straight her heart is misfiring they call it and beating too fast so they are trying meds first and if that doesnt work they will go in through a vein and shock her heart ?? Will have t do some research on this too.  I know this summer has been very stressful on her with the stuff that’s been going on. Like I said before I could write a soap opera on the craziness around here 🙂  All this being said Brian has been pretty calm about it all and has had to take his meds a few times  and I’m glad we have them here for him.  Leslie I have been getting tons of information from your blog and was happy to hear that Joe was able to at least supervise the repairs on the truck topper window what a great set of friends you have there. Also I would never have thought about the peanut butter for the tape stickiness I will tuck that away in my head for future reference.  Lynn how are you doing? I think we have been getting all the rain from the whole summer the past few weeks the storm front that moved up from hurricane Issac has given us lots of rain this weekend some steady showers and others torrential even with a tornado watch Saturday night !!   Our grass is lush and green again after the dry summer and the farmers fields around here are sad some of the corn only a few feet high without any corn on the underdeveloped cobs with some fields already harvested.   I did get my kitchen curtains made this weekend and have my sewing machine out so maybe I will try some stitching on some card fronts I have the day off from babysitting tomorrow and the kids will be back in school so I  will have a bit of free time .  I guess I’ll stop my novel here and get this posted and the kids to bed before Brian gets back.    Hope this finds you all in your craft areas knee-deep in crafty fun.

Love and Hugs,