Hi everyone 🙂

Been following posts and even commenting once in a while. We have been busy getting into the school routine which is crazy with each kid having tons of homework every night so far. Makes for a fun few hours when they get home we have decided to do like last year and limit the time they get to spend on it to an hour to an hour in a half and what they don’t get done get tacked onto the next days in hopes that they will use their time at school wisely and get it done there. Brian has had to settle into a new routine with his bus route with added stops and new procedures and some online training courses for safety and emergency situations plus both inspections upon starting nd ending his route.

We have had some bad news the past few weeks Brian’s Dad in California was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer about a week and a half ago the crazy thing is he’s been sick for almost a year now and the Doctors kept telling him he had allergies and lung infections and definitely not cancer like he was worried about and after so many visits to the doctor they finally gor them to run further tests around the end of July and the tests came back cancer with one lung full and the other part way and its in his lymph nodes too. He had a stint put in last week to get the chemo started they give him 2 to 6 months without chemo and up to a year with it so brian hs been doing a lot of research and there is a Doctor there in Sacramento at UC Davis who is pioneering some new ways to treat cancer more effectively so wer will just have to wait and see. I am sure Brian will be making a trip there in the near future. To top it off His mom is in the hospital this weekend with some heart issues he is up there now seeing her to find out more about whats going on. If I have it straight her heart is misfiring they call it and beating too fast so they are trying meds first and if that doesnt work they will go in through a vein and shock her heart ?? Will have t do some research on this too.  I know this summer has been very stressful on her with the stuff that’s been going on. Like I said before I could write a soap opera on the craziness around here 🙂  All this being said Brian has been pretty calm about it all and has had to take his meds a few times  and I’m glad we have them here for him.  Leslie I have been getting tons of information from your blog and was happy to hear that Joe was able to at least supervise the repairs on the truck topper window what a great set of friends you have there. Also I would never have thought about the peanut butter for the tape stickiness I will tuck that away in my head for future reference.  Lynn how are you doing? I think we have been getting all the rain from the whole summer the past few weeks the storm front that moved up from hurricane Issac has given us lots of rain this weekend some steady showers and others torrential even with a tornado watch Saturday night !!   Our grass is lush and green again after the dry summer and the farmers fields around here are sad some of the corn only a few feet high without any corn on the underdeveloped cobs with some fields already harvested.   I did get my kitchen curtains made this weekend and have my sewing machine out so maybe I will try some stitching on some card fronts I have the day off from babysitting tomorrow and the kids will be back in school so I  will have a bit of free time .  I guess I’ll stop my novel here and get this posted and the kids to bed before Brian gets back.    Hope this finds you all in your craft areas knee-deep in crafty fun.

Love and Hugs,



2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Shelly, I am so sorry to hear of Brian’s father being ill. Please, next time you talk with him, let him know that Joe and I are holding Brian up in our prayers, along with his father and his mother.

    This has been a rough year for you and your family. I’m so sorry my friend.

    I can’t believe school has started once again. Seems like just last week you were telling us about the kids being home for summer break and all the plans you had for trying to stay cool in the horrid hot weather.

    As you know, things around our house is just plum crazy right now but we are dealing with it. I think Lynn is at her daughter’s house minding the little boys while her daughter and son-in-law are in Dubai. Boy will she ever have a mess on her computer when she gets home 😉

    Hope you get to enjoy some crafty time. I’m enjoying my time in the fits and starts that I get to do it. My time home is quickly ending so I’m hitting the craft room as much as I can.

    Take care my friend and know that Joe and I have you all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Hi Shelly 🙂 No not babsitting yet but Jill ges out to Dubai next Thursday and I will be able to keep up with you all from her computer. I was away at the weekend though helping Jill out with her racing car and watching the boys whilst she raced.
    Shelly I am so sorry to hear about Brian’s father; similar thing happened with my dad, for months he complained about pains in his stomach and he was constantly being fobbed off with all sorts of misdiagnosis including indigestion. Then one day he was rushed to hospital with a supposed chest infection which turned out to be secondary cancer, by which time it was too late to even think about the primary cancer. That turned out to be stomach/bowel cancer but because of the incompetence of the doctor was never diagnosed or treated so it was all too late for dad to even have treatment. Sorry to also hear that MIL is being troubled with heart issues, hope something can be done there.
    Our kiddies started back to school on Tuesday and are settling in well in their new classes. Dylan can’t understand why he can’t go to school yet 🙂 He thinks if he sneaks into the queue outside the class no one will notice 🙂
    We have had a couple of summer days, light breezes and warm sunshine but think rain is due again on Sunday. We were hoping for an Indian summer, also we were hoping that it would stay nice so that the garden would look good for any prospective buyers. We are just going through the whole process of marketing our house/land through an estate agency and all the material is due to be printed by mid week and then it will go live! Fingers crossed someone will buy it. We decided to finally go with an estate agent to widen the market – well I had decided months ago but it has taken me ages to persuade Rod. I am feeling very optimistic as this agency is very friendly, upmarket and enthusiastic.
    Talking about hurricane Isaac how did the poor people of New Orleans fare? I didn’t catch the news for a couple of days.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxxx

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