Health updates

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. Brian’s Mom is still hospitalized Seems like the meds ( cumiden) aren’t doing as well as they hoped so they are talking about the procedure to shock the part that is misfiring and the success rate is 98% for this so that is good. She is in good spirits are good. Brian took her some books to read and his sister Barb has been going up and playing scrabble with her regularly.  He also called his Dad Bill to see how his first chemo treatment went today and although it was a 7 hour treatment he has not gotten sick and they say that’s good. Brian was able to speak with him for about a minute as he has a hard time breathing, they put him on oxygen finally so that is helping him out.  We will just have to be patient and see what happens although sometimes that’s hard to do.

Tonight we had open house at the grade school and go to meet the girls teachers some of which the older kids have had already. Jasmine is getting along very well which don’t surprise us. Ariel has teachers who will help her along this year and finally I feel like we will be able to get her tested for an individual education plan which we have thought she’s needed since we started her public education.

We are still having crazy hot weather and bouts of rain but we are all felling good around here.  This next week Melissa’s Mom is going to take Levi the stay with them for a days that will be weird to not have the small guy tagging along after me so With Sierra in pre school half day I’ll have my mornings free I still havent gotten myself into my crafty space but always have the best intentions 🙂 Loving your layouts Leslie and was so happy to hear that Joe is getting cleared for work again I bet that makes him so happy. Are there take home menus from the places you frequent for meals while you’re on the road maybe you could have meals already checked out for Joes restrictions ?? Lots of work I know we had to do this with our last foster son as he was insulin dependant so feeding him was a big learning experience, but was a lot easier with the information I needed  close at hand.  gotta pop off here so I can go to bed just wanted you all to know I’m thinking of you.

Love and big {{{hugz}}}


2 thoughts on “Health updates

  1. Oh, wow…Brian’s Mom is pretty sick 😦 I hope the doctors can get her heart situation sorted and she can get back to living and not being stressed out with her heart condition. Poor lady 😦 Is Brian still in California splitting his time between his Mom and Dad in their various places of medical treatment?

    As to Brian’s Dad, that poor guy, he’s got a long road to walk with his chemo treatments. I’m glad his first treatment went well for him. I hope his future treatments go just as well. I’ve known many people that have gone through, and survived, so he at least can look forward to that.

    Sounds like your kids are in good hands, pretty much, with their teachers this year. Hopefully Ariel’s education can be structured to fit her learning needs and she will be under less stress this year. Glad to hear that Jasmine is doing well in her classes. You didn’t mention Will’s toe so I’m hoping that “no news is good news” in that arena. Poor kid 😦

    As to “take home meals” for Joe. No such luck on that front. We just know, from years of experience, which truck stops and fast food places we will need to frequent. The whole stumbling block in Joe’s Coumadin (Warfarin) thing will be the stopping to eat and walk. Thank you, my friend, for your thoughts and caring of Joe. I appreciate you very much.

    You and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you will find something fun to do during the mornings you will have all to yourself for the brief time that your little guy is with his other grandparents. If not something fun, at least something restful to recharge your batteries and your soul.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. It will be great for you Shelly to have your mornings free and I’m sure that you will want to get crafting soon when your life has settled back down.
    Hope all goes well with Brian’s mum’s surgery and her heart starts behaving itself again. I am keeping fingers crossed and sending you both good vibes for Brian’s dad.
    Isn’t it frustrating and annoying when no one takes notice of your concerns regarding the children, after all as Ariel’s mum you know she is struggling and good teachers also should have been aware so why wasn’t something done before now instead of causing stress in the poor girl???? Sad to say it all comes down to finances and, in some cases, a don’t care attitude in the teachers. Hope this will be straightened out for you all after all it is undermining her self confidence.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

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