Sacramento California bound

Well its official folks we start our road trip early tomorrow ( Monday) morning.
Brian’s Dad passed away this past Thursday from the lung cancer. Brian and family are coping well but the thought of getting on a plane  had him ready not to go plus the separation from us ( we are a very close family)  so we decided that we will all go. The three older kids Jereme, Jordan  and Heather have work and things that make it just not feasible for them to go. We will be taking the three younger ones who have never met Brian’s Dad or family there so this may be the only opportunity for them and the others had been able to.  So s I type we are getting things ready laundry washing and drying, packing ,vehicle inspections, fridge cleaned out of what will need to be used this week and Brian is packaging like a fool all of his eBay things that can go out early in the morning.  Our little P J kitty has been peeing blood the last couple of days so a trip to the vet confirmed an infection in her bladder not just stress like she’s had before. She is feeling better after a shot in the hiney and some antibiotics twice a day. I am having some problems with what I thought was my ear but is actually my back molar that has a very large cavity which isnt noticable from the outside but the x-ray caught it while I was getting a small filling last Wednesday. So I am freaking out a bit after the last tooth incident they will try to save it but we wont know til they get working on it . I will have to reschedule this for when we get back along with Ariels school physical which got lost in the nightmare medical records switch this past summer. So much going on seems a bit overwhelming. I will try to post while we are away but if I don’t please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I have missed our conversations through our blogging but have felt like you all have your own pressing concerns and I didn’t want to seem like all I do is whine and complain.

I love you all


2 thoughts on “Sacramento California bound

  1. Safe travels I bid you all. Sadly, the reason for your trip is not a happy one. I hope Brian’s family remembers his Dad with fun and lively stories. Your little ones would be pleased to know their grandfather was a fun loving person.

    Hope you get to see Brian’s Mom as well on this trip. I hope she is feeling better and progress is being made in her medical treatments.

    After you get back the lost physical for Ariel will be found. Hope your tooth doesn’t cause you major pains while you are away.

    Give our love to Brian. We are holding him up in prayer to get through this really trying time for him. Grieving is a bitter pill that must be dealt with so we are praying for him.

    You and your family are in our prayers as well. Safe journey to and from California, all children remain hale and hearty, and you, my friend, watched over and have a presence that will keep you calm and clear of thought as your preparations are being made.

    May angels surround you and your family.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. So sorry not to have caught you before your journey started Shelly. So very sorry to hear the sad news of Brian’s father but wish you all safe travels. Hope your tooth doesn’t act up while you are away.
    Poor pussy cat but thankfully she is on the mend now and that is one less worry for you plus hope that Ariel’s physical can be rescheduled now that the records have been unearthed. What a lot of problems seem to have descended upon you all this year. Think it is about time some of those stresses disappeared.
    Please take care all. Thinking of you and especially Brian going through this emotional period.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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