Hello My wonderful friends

Finally getting myself motivated to update on all that has transpired these past few weeks. First of all  A HUGE THANK YOU  to you my friends for praying for us keeping us in your thoughts in our time of loss and in our travels you are so appreciated  🙂  I must say to you Leslie and your Dear Joe  that I have gained more appreciation and awe for what you both do traveling the highways and byways across the United States. This trip has kicked my Butt big time !! I am still trying to get caught up on all my housework and have grand thoughts of the things I want to do and need to do but am so tired I can’t seem to get much done around here. And school make up work has been a bit of a chore because the kids are just as tired.  Brian had the privilege of speaking at his Fathers funeral and it both broke my heart and made my heart swell with pride at what a wonderful man I have as he said goodbye to his Dad. My Brian is a very private with his emotions and to hear him speak of his love for his dad and weep that it had been so long since he’d been able to see him never imagining that it would be like it was.  It has been pretty rough lately but I think it has brought us all together and made us stronger as a family both near and far. Right before we left to head home we were shown a letter Brian’s Dad wrote the day he was diagnosed asking that his family remain a family and hold tight to each other if he should die. Brian’s parents divorced when he was 2 and Judy his step Mom has been with his Dad for 44 years  and she will always be apart of our family  as well as the others there in Sacramento.

Brian’s Mom Carol lives here in Illinois and has a wonderful husband Verlon who we love just as much so we have been blessed with a great family. Carols heart tests came back good a few days after we left on our trip which we are so grateful for  but she needs to take the blood thinner for a whole year and have tests come back good over that time period . My Mom was in the hospital while I was away and having some difficulty with her breathing still so I think another trip to the Doctor will need to be made. My Dad has an appointment on monday about the spots on his head and arms to see if it looks like more spots of skin cancer so I am hoping that all goes well. Urinary infections in the cat and myself are all healed up another round of thanks. My tooth has been bothering me a lot but I see the dentist on Tuesday so that is good. Brian has been having a lot of pain in his belly so please keep him in your thought and prayers.

Now to you again Leslie I finally got to your vacation posts and what a great bunch of fun all of you being together. I am like Carissa I love the crazy rides as do most of my kiddies  🙂 Brian on the other hand isnt a big fan of rides but takes us because we enjoy them so much.  The renewing of vows had me crying like a baby what a special time that must have been. Pretty sly of you to sneak that past Joe 🙂   How cool to have your family all in on the big surprise. How is Joe ? Been thinking of you two while we were out.

Lynn thank you for your kind words also I have though of you while away too. I sure miss the blogging conversations with the two of you and have checked your crafty post Lynn.  I am very grateful for your friendships and appreciate you both more than I can express. I truly do love you both my dear friends.

Sorry to be so sappy but with all that’s going on around here I have been hit with a cold glass of reality of how frail this life can be and to be more appreciative of the great things in my life. So to spite all that’s happening I am choosing to be happy and enjoy those that I love and make sure that those I love know just what they mean to me.   I hope this finds you well and enjoying life to the fullest.      Crafty things to come soon.  I got  sweet lot of crafty goodies before we left from Brian and his Mom for my birthday but havent got the chance to play with them yet  😦

Take care

Love and Hugz


2 thoughts on “Hello My wonderful friends

  1. I am happy to hear you are safely home from your travels. My heart is saddened by the reason for the trip. It is tremendously hard to say a final good-bye to a much loved family member. One whose voice has been stilled, only coming to life in memories, is one of the hardest things to deal with. I can’t imagine the hole that is left in your lives.

    Brian, I will continue to hold you up in my prayers. The raw emotions of losing your Dad will be a part of you for quite a while to come. Being stoic for your family at this time and keeping that part of you private will be a struggle.

    Shelly, you and your entire family will feel like you’ve been shoved through a knot hole and drug back through for at least a week. Those long car trips are hard on the body and mind. Being stuck in one position for hours at a time is tough to deal with and I know what you are feeling. Frankly, it doesn’t get any better the more you do it…..just longer to recuperate.

    The kids will be less inclined to be in the sitting position (doing make up school work) and would rather be running around stretching those muscles and enjoying the freedom of open spaces. Each child will finally come to the point where they are able to get back into the swing of normal life and do what needs to be done.

    I’m sorry to hear about the illness episodes with your Father and Mother while you were away.

    Family can be a mixed bag of tricks. I’m glad to learn that your family has drawn closer together over this trial and you each have gained an appreciation for one another.

    Welcome home my friend. Hope to read about some crafty things you are getting prepared to do. No pressure from me 😀 Just love to see the work you do and the inspiration gained from it.

    Love you my friend – Leslie

  2. So glad you are all back safely at home, as Leslie said (but better than me!) grief takes quite a while to recuperate from and also takes dfferent forms. I’m just wondering if Brian’s belly pains are part of his grief and stress….when my dad died and I had to sort out all the different things and arrange the funeral, etc I suffered from dreadful back pains…all stress related.
    Just take your time coming to terms with grief and loss and remember all the good things about that person.
    Sorry to hear that your parents are still having health problems, hope they can be sorted soon.
    I bet you will be glad to get to the dentist on Tuesday and get that tooth sorted!

    I think you need to tell those around you how much you love them, as you say life is very frail and no one knows when their number will be called. Rod was hit quite badly by the death of his father because we were going away for the weekend and he had intended going to see him before we went but there were various hitches and hiccups and we never did, sadly he died that weekend.

    As soon as time allows and you all feel less tired then will be the time to get into your craft room again and play with your new toys:) Looking forward to seeing what you create.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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