Thinking of you

Hello Just a quick note and check in.

Have had tons going on as usual. We are returning to normal after our trip, schoolwork is back into the regular swing we completed a family tree and working volcano this week¬† ūüôā¬† My Mom has had a hospital stay and is home again and my Dad has had several appointments and still have a few to go to this next week but we have got some good results and are hoping for the others to come out good also. Brian has had to Flu and is feeling better today and I am hoping it bypasses the rest of us because I for one don’t want it !!

We were presented with some distressing news a few days ago Jordan has decided to file for divorce from Melissa which hit us all including her out of nowhere  since things seemed to be getting much better. He has confessed to infidelity awhile back and said he was overwhelmed with the weight of it all having to lie to everyone . Melissa says she still loves him and wants to make this work but will not fight him if he is hell-bent on following this through. Although she hopes for a reconciling. We are hoping he will seek some counseling to deal with his personal issues so prayer for our family situations would be grately appreciated.    We heard from Heather today that she ended her relationship with Jared because she does not want to live in a tent or be part of the substance abuse although she too is very distraught because she wanted this relationship to be the one. As her parent I see that this is a wise choice for her but am saddened for her heartache.

I did get to run my hands through my crafting goodies and have gotten things to use in order but havent gotten myself motivated to actually cut into the cardstock maybe this weekend since we have it off but the covered bridge festival starts today and will run through the 21st so we  may make  a trip there.  Hope you feel better Leslie and Lynn good news on the offer on your house hopefully all will go well and you can get your new adventure started.


I love you all take care and Thanks for being there for me I really appreciate you both

Love and hugs,