Thinking of you

Hello Just a quick note and check in.

Have had tons going on as usual. We are returning to normal after our trip, schoolwork is back into the regular swing we completed a family tree and working volcano this week  🙂  My Mom has had a hospital stay and is home again and my Dad has had several appointments and still have a few to go to this next week but we have got some good results and are hoping for the others to come out good also. Brian has had to Flu and is feeling better today and I am hoping it bypasses the rest of us because I for one don’t want it !!

We were presented with some distressing news a few days ago Jordan has decided to file for divorce from Melissa which hit us all including her out of nowhere  since things seemed to be getting much better. He has confessed to infidelity awhile back and said he was overwhelmed with the weight of it all having to lie to everyone . Melissa says she still loves him and wants to make this work but will not fight him if he is hell-bent on following this through. Although she hopes for a reconciling. We are hoping he will seek some counseling to deal with his personal issues so prayer for our family situations would be grately appreciated.    We heard from Heather today that she ended her relationship with Jared because she does not want to live in a tent or be part of the substance abuse although she too is very distraught because she wanted this relationship to be the one. As her parent I see that this is a wise choice for her but am saddened for her heartache.

I did get to run my hands through my crafting goodies and have gotten things to use in order but havent gotten myself motivated to actually cut into the cardstock maybe this weekend since we have it off but the covered bridge festival starts today and will run through the 21st so we  may make  a trip there.  Hope you feel better Leslie and Lynn good news on the offer on your house hopefully all will go well and you can get your new adventure started.


I love you all take care and Thanks for being there for me I really appreciate you both

Love and hugs,


4 thoughts on “Thinking of you

  1. Oh the dreaded flu Shelly! Rod has been suffering from an awful head cold and sinusitis so is like Leslie with snot and gore LOL He is also coughing well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you all are able to avoid it – think you have had enough to cope with and now more bombshells from Jordan and Heather. It is such a shame when a relationship breaks down and it must be an awful time for Melissa but can trust ever be regained? It only needs one argument to rake up all the old hurts again and that can be so wounding. It must be very hard for you though wondering if your grandchildren are about to disappear from your life especially as you have gone through a great deal with them.
    I feel for Heather’s heartache but perhaps she is at last growing up, she obviously realises that living in a tent and substance abuse isn’t the best way to spend your young life. My heart goes out to you Shelly trying to keep all the balls in the air and juggling them around. I think you need to take a step back from all these problems and live your life as it seems to have been on hold for too long. Easier said than done but you need to have a section time for what you want to do.

    We have finally got all the paperwork sorted and I have had my identity verified by a solicitor today so I know I really do exist LOL The couple who want to buy our house are hoping to exchange contracts before Christmas but we have asked for an extension on completing so we can spend a last Christmas here and, hopefully, move in January. We are going to look at houses the week after next. I am now starting to feel excited!! I have also started packing!!!
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. So happy about your excitement on house hunting but am sure it is bitter sweet. So is a study for Rod and a craft room for you in your near future??? 🙂 Sorry cto hear that Rod is so under the weather I hope relief comes soon for him the flu has been no fun around here although I am happy that only Brian has had it so far I think I will have the kids and myself the flu shot like the Doctor has suggested. Brian is being scheduled for a ct scan about the pain in his side I am wondering if he may have a hernia from the heavy lifting he does but will be happy if they say it is just stress. Lord knows there is enough of that around here lately. Jordan has taken steps to divorce and crazy thing is it can be all finished as quickly as 1 week after they attend some joint parenting classes which are offered weekly. I am saddened and angry all at once and have bouts of weeping in the bathroom hiding from the small ones since they dont need more heaped on them. I dont have any say in this situation and really want to be there for all 4 of them without being judgemental but today that is hard. We went to the covered bridge festival this weekend Saturday Melissa and the kids wen with us and Sunday we played hookie from church and went with just our family. While there i stopped at the scrapbook/stamping booth where I got my atg tape runner and did some retail therapy which I really dident need but there is something about getting a geat deal on crafting goodies that makes me feel better. I got my first set of di namics dies and matching stamp set for halloween and fall along with some wobble thingies to make stuff wobble back and forth like the bobbie head dogs.
    so my house looks like a wreck but I’m going to dig the craft stuff out tonight for myself and the kiddies and get some fun in tonight no matter what happens. I hope you are getting along well in your packing and that Rod is feeling better. I will share my projects later tonight.

    much love and hugs,

  3. Oh, Shelly 😦 I’m saddened by your news about Melissa and Jordan. My next thought was about the wee ones – Levi and Sierra. They have been an integral part of your life since they were born. I hope they will not disappear from your life as Melissa and Jordan go their separate ways. I hope you do get to spend time with the wee ones.

    I was heartened to hear about Heather and her decision to get out of the tent and substance abuse life she was subjected to. That has been a mighty big step for her and I hope for the best. Sometimes it takes quite a while for our children to see where their lives are headed by their choices and they step up to alter course. Good for Heather!!

    I sincerely hope you and the rest of the family don’t get acquainted with the flu or the cold of this season. I’ve had one heck of a whollop from it and it is not fun.

    I was thrilled to read you have purchased crafty items 😀 and you have plans to show off some of your work. It is time for you to begin taking care of you.

    Love you my friend – Leslie

  4. Thanks for popping in Leslie things have been crazier than usual round here. Heathers situation change has been a huge relief for both Brian and I. The situation with Jordan and Melissa has us all on edge but the main concern is what will be in the best interest of the kids and I know that they are working towards that. We have been assured that nothing will change with our time with the small ones and Melissa has no plans of moving away as she see’s this as her home. Brian had is C T scan this morning and will have results by next week and that is a step in the right direction to see what is happening with him. He is feeling better from his bout with the flu and we are grateful for that. I am happy to hear you are feeling better. I didnot get to craft I pulled a muscle in my back and have layed low the past couple of days. I am determined to get my halloween stuff done !!!! I’ll have to let you know 🙂 Too much going on in my head lately my Dad still has to see the Dr. about the spots on his head and arms and my Mom is having problems with the change in her medicare insurance getting the medicines she needs so I have been working to find a way to get her meds through her secondary insurance. a huge pain in the butt. She also informed me today the Dr. told her there was a spot on her lungs he wanted to order more testing on but she has refused to have any because she knows its a scar from pneumonia she had when my sisier was little ??? I am heartsick over this but I cant make her decide to be checked especially after the way things happened with Brians Dad so quickly. I just have to wait it all out but am wondering when this whirlwind will finally slow down around here. Quickly I’m voting for 🙂 So how is Joe feeling? How much longer will you two be on the road? You usually take some time off in the fall dont you? Hope you two are having a nice day and keeping safe.

    Gotta run Levi is jumping from the back of the couch

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