Turkey Day is almost here :)

Hello Blogging friends.

First off I want to wish my Friends a Very Happy Thanksgiving and if you aren’t celebrating this holiday I am wishing you a fantastic day anyway.

We will be having a dinner at home this year with all the kids here grown and small alike. My Dad may pop over for some dinner and we may take a trip to Brian’s Moms for dessert later in the day. I am gonna keep it simple and as stress free as possible so I can enjoy my company.

Now I want to thank Leslie for texting to check on me I know you have had so much going on with Joe and I appreciate you thinking of me. So here goes……. The latest happenings at my humble home on wheels.  As you know we have been having much testing on Brian to figure out just what is causing him pain since around March. We have had CT scans which turned out good but they found what turned out to be simple cysts on his right kidney and an enlarged prostate gland so off to the urologist and some blood tests and the great exam to find he has an infection and his PSA’s are higher than they should be so more blood tests after the first of the year to see how they are then. But still nothing to answer why there is pain. So off to the Gastrology Doctor to have a scan of kind ( the name eludes me right now) to make sure it wasnt his gallbladder which is on the other side of where he has pain. The Gastro Dr. has referred him to a Doctor about his back because a nerve pinched could be causing referred pain to the front part of his body. Which could be a possibility since he fell about 2 years ago  and hurt his shoulder really bad (slipped in the shower tried to catch himself but the shower door not being a good thing to catch ones self on flew open and he landed against the bathroom door knocking it off its hinges)  So we wait to see whats going on.

Jordan and Melissa have all the things done for the divorce except the last filing. Last week He (Jordan) came over here crying and really messed up stuff with the Other girl he’s tangled up with which Melissa knows about and we ended up taking him to the E.R. and they referred him to a psychiatrist  for evaluation. Now Melissa the sweet young woman she is and still very much in love with my thick-headed son has spent the last week helping him get straightened out with some medication for some issues worked out in his head which hes needed for a while but can’t get him to go to the dr. til now.  I think there may be a chance for them to work their differences out with the help of some counseling but I will just have to wait and see.  In the mean time we have found that he is having very high blood pressure and that needs to be monitored for a bit to see if they want to try meds or if the med he is on could be causing it ???

Onto Melissa bless her heart I love this girl so much and we are her primary support system here and I am the only one she has for a shoulder to cry on or to talk with that lets her make her decisions with counsel of course  but her own choices. Now I tell her all the time she is a better woman than I am because frankly I don’t know if I could be as forgiving as she and so ready to put herself aside to make my son happy even if it means the other girl. we have many boo hoo sessions the two of us. onto the smallish ones they seem to be doing well with all that’s going on but have developed a bad cough and high fevers  ( Levi 103.6) the last 24 ours Doctor says control fever with Tylenol and tepid baths, run vaporizers and plenty of fluids.

About a month ago Heather was kicked out (again) of where she was staying so with the cold temperatures we said she could stay here til she found somewhere else but she isnt even looking. Will is sleeping on the couch she has his room which don’t sit well but with all the bullying at school he has bruises up and down  his arms and on his legs where the Jock type boys pick on him because he’s pretty timid. ok back to Heather the night before the hospital visit with Jordan she had been gone most of the day only to tell us she had been at the hospital and told she was pregnant and they wanted to talk with us….. Not….. Ok between the two of them they have gotten 4 paychecks with $0.00  dollars saved we don’t ask for any so she can save it. I have listened to her cry on the phone to him most nights because he has been smoking legal weed type stuff of real weed always forced to by his brothers…..yeah right I  believe that one….. or someone is stealing his money…… right….. so as we discussed this with her she was very loud and foul crude talking (sexual)  waking up poor Will. Brian said no more of that or you’ll be out of here pregnant or not. Now will we love our new grand baby? …YES… will we help her enable his drug abuse?…NO.  Not to mention the biologicals telling her Dont let Her (me) get your baby you’ll never get it back??? What the H(*&^*^&%$!!!!!! I told her i do now want to raise another baby!!! hers or otherwise and definitely not a family members I’ve paid with torn family relationships for 18 years to parent her and don’t want that again. She has an appointment (because I made it) with a clinic here to get into a program called healthy kids healthy Moms to get s state medical insurance card which she needs because she only gets about 16-20 hours a week  at work and he gets even less. She needs pre natal care and this is the only way I can find for her. His mom is mad because if she gets the card he will have to pay child support, again WHAT!!! It is his baby of course he has to help take care of it.  duh?? no brainer to me.

So the extra drama has impacted he other kids in the house because she thinks they should be quiet and not bother her. Well it don’t work that way when you are the guest and this is their home.

Ariel is failing several school subjects and the fight is on to get her tested so she can be in the proper classes, she has always struggled but couldnt get anyone to address it til this year.

Jasmine has started her period the past 2 months and is so moody she can’t stand herself and spends much of her time crying or in a fit of rage the week before and of it plus terrible cramps and headaches. Now she understands why I say I need my hormone tablets ( I’m psychotic without them ) Now Ariel is the older of the two has proclaimed she wants to skip it all the  way around and asked if she prayed about it did I think God would let her pass it by?  lol  🙂 I said  No you will get it just like the rest of us girls and only stop when you get older or have surgery like I had to have.

Last Friday I got a message that my childhood best friend ( met her when I was 4 starting kindergarten) had been found not breathing and was in intensive care here in town and that they were only keeping her on life support til her oldest daughter could get back home from Florida where she lives. My Dear Kelly passed away Saturday evening with her 3 children by her side the funeral is not til this Sunday because of the holiday. I am so sad to lose her and feel so torn up for her kids. My solace is that she will be with her mom who they lost just a year ago and she missed terribly. Just seems surreal to me that she’s gone 😦  Shortly after the call about Kelly my brother called to say mom was on the way to the hospital because she couldn’t breathe they kept her a few days and said this is what to expect as the COPD progresses  Longer spells and closer together  Blah 😦  She is home now but pretty much on her O2 most of the time. for this I am happy because home makes her happy.

I’ve been having the stinkin earache the past month which I think has to do with my tooth that was filled in October. A very tiny spot the dentist says but it was by the nerve so if this is my problem the suggestion is root canal or extraction with the last one being several hundred dollars less expensive. I am on a round of antibiotic to see if it relieves it at all which I’m hoping it does  and if not? I don’t want to think about it right now s I’m not.  🙂

Well there you go this is what has kept me away from my crafting and blogging didn’t want to seem like a whiney baby or party pooper. You know I’m really a  glass half full kinda girl verses the half empty kind. I’m really ready for a break anytime now I told Brian when all this has passes and I know it will I am gonna find us a padded room and maybe we could get a 2 for the price of 1 deal on it. maybe they will even throw in the straight jackets for free ?  lol 🙂 All joking aside I have missed my keeping up with this blog and chatting, just couldn’t bring myself to get on and do it.  Gonna try harder to get a few bits of time to myself so I can.   Well I’m off here its 10:30 and I still needs shower then off to bed so I can get up clean the kitchen and start cooking my turkey breast and ham so I can feed my hungry clan. Hey Leslie did Joe have his phantom of the opera playing this year? I may have to bust mine out tomorrow as I go about my preparations sounds like a good plan to me.  🙂

Lotsa love and hugs,