The fight is over

It is with great sadness that I post today.  I lost my wonderful Momma on Sunday afternoon. It will take some time to adjust since I have been so busy seeing to her care. my days and nights seem just to flow one into another with my hourly alarms silent and no ring of text message alerts with the message of what do I need to take now? or is it time for my meds yet?, are you on your way? How long til you get here? or some just silly banter between the two of us.   I have been surrounded with so many wonderful nurses and people to help through the final few days and for that I will be forever grateful.  I  will be checking on you my internet friends whom I love so dearly and  thanking God that He has brought each of you into my life.  So as I sign off today just know you are in my heart .

Has anyone heard from Leslie I have not been able to contact her and worry whether she and Joe are doing ok. If you have news  from her please let me know she is ok.

Much love and big hugz




Lots happening in my corner of the world

Hello blogging pals 🙂

Wanted to give a quick update since I’ve been missing in action the past few months. Not much crafting going on but I do have ideas running around in my head. I have hopes of touching my stamps, ink and paper for Valentine’s Day but will have to wait and see.  As you know this past few months have been a rather tough time for our family and crafting has been on the back burner due to the many health concerns and deaths that seem to just keep coming. This week we lost Brian’s childhood best friend and my cousin just days apart along with getting my Mom set up in a hospice program which means the Doctors think she has 6 months or less to be with us. So things have been quite overwhelming for me.  I have been following everyone’s blogs as I get email notices and haven’t forgotten you. I’ve taken to lurking on YouTube just to have an outlet that don’t need much focus.  Things with the kids continue to keep me busy and housework is hit and miss but we are all marching forward and trying to enjoy each day as best we can. I just wanted you to know I really appreciate you and have high hopes things will get “normal” again sometime and we can again have our crafty chit-chat from our own little corners of the world-wide web 🙂  Well I’m off to bed and some much-needed rest, Hope this finds you all well and getting crafty.

Big hugz and much love,