Lots happening in my corner of the world

Hello blogging pals 🙂

Wanted to give a quick update since I’ve been missing in action the past few months. Not much crafting going on but I do have ideas running around in my head. I have hopes of touching my stamps, ink and paper for Valentine’s Day but will have to wait and see.  As you know this past few months have been a rather tough time for our family and crafting has been on the back burner due to the many health concerns and deaths that seem to just keep coming. This week we lost Brian’s childhood best friend and my cousin just days apart along with getting my Mom set up in a hospice program which means the Doctors think she has 6 months or less to be with us. So things have been quite overwhelming for me.  I have been following everyone’s blogs as I get email notices and haven’t forgotten you. I’ve taken to lurking on YouTube just to have an outlet that don’t need much focus.  Things with the kids continue to keep me busy and housework is hit and miss but we are all marching forward and trying to enjoy each day as best we can. I just wanted you to know I really appreciate you and have high hopes things will get “normal” again sometime and we can again have our crafty chit-chat from our own little corners of the world-wide web 🙂  Well I’m off to bed and some much-needed rest, Hope this finds you all well and getting crafty.

Big hugz and much love,



2 thoughts on “Lots happening in my corner of the world

  1. Hi Shelly so great to hear from you. I understand that life has been very full and hectic for you and your family, so sorry about the bereavements and the worry about your Mum. Sometimes life seems to really throw all the sh*t it can at us and then some. I certainly do hope life will soon quieten down and become a little easier for you as time goes along.
    Shame you can’t creep off to your craft corner just to play and have a little relaxing time without necessarily creating anything in particular.
    Life still trundles on here waiting for someone to come and buy our home so we can, at last, move. We have had another offer recently – too low but they are waiting on quotes for remedial work to the track before upping their offer so it goes on:)
    Our youngest daughter is expecting a baby in July – she was dreading it would be twins while her husband was hoping it would be lol. Anyhow the scan shows it is just one extremely active baby but she is going through her usual pregnancy induced diabetes problems which is being strictly monitored but the tablets are making her feel very poorly and her blood sugar levels are all over the place still. Hey ho hopefully it will be stabilised soon and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn’t develop full blown diabetes once the baby is born – a possibility that gets stronger after each pregnancy. Otherwise we are all okay, just wishing the weather would cheer up a little and that the rain will stop falling lol.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Thank you for your kind words Lynn 🙂 I am rummaging around in my crafty corner with the thought of making a few cards for Valentine’s Day using Leslies cards on the road made with stickers and diecuts and such. I have some rub-ons I can use so they can be nice if I get to them. We have all the paperwork in place for my Mom’s hospice to start with the hospital bed arriving tomorrow so we will have to do some rearranging of the room and get her things unpacked and knick knacks set out so things will be as cheery for her as we can make it. Jordan is going along to help me. He will also help get her computer and tv all set up and maybe hook up the video game system so she and my Dad can play together. I was so very happy to be able to get her into this program because the Doctor and nurses are so kind and they really care about the patients and I didnt feel like this with the other Doctor. Congratulations on the new grandbaby on the way, My Heather is due to have our new grandbaby the end of Juneand she seems to be progressing along just fine. So sorry to hear about your Daughters diabetes I had that with both my pregnancies but wasent on any meds for it just a very strict diet which was no fun. I hope things with the sale of your house come around soon. Cant be much fun being in limbo wondering when you will finally get to move. Well I’m up way later than I need be so I had better say goodnight and send along with it much love and big hugs 🙂

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