The fight is over

It is with great sadness that I post today.  I lost my wonderful Momma on Sunday afternoon. It will take some time to adjust since I have been so busy seeing to her care. my days and nights seem just to flow one into another with my hourly alarms silent and no ring of text message alerts with the message of what do I need to take now? or is it time for my meds yet?, are you on your way? How long til you get here? or some just silly banter between the two of us.   I have been surrounded with so many wonderful nurses and people to help through the final few days and for that I will be forever grateful.  I  will be checking on you my internet friends whom I love so dearly and  thanking God that He has brought each of you into my life.  So as I sign off today just know you are in my heart .

Has anyone heard from Leslie I have not been able to contact her and worry whether she and Joe are doing ok. If you have news  from her please let me know she is ok.

Much love and big hugz




3 thoughts on “The fight is over

  1. Shelly I am so very sorry to hear your sad news. Obviously this is a blow to you and your family. Even when a passing is expected it s still a very sad time but remember the good times you had with your mum and know that she is now without pain or distress.

    I have been so very worried about Leslie and Joe, she hasn’t posted on her blog for so long now. I emailed her last week and no reply; I emailed Jann to say I was worried and asked if she had heard anything, she hadn’t but has been trying to ‘phone Leslie without success. I have an awful feeling and hope that feeling is wrong. Wish there was someway we could contact one of the children to find out what is going on but don’t know how to. If you hear any news please let me know.

    Very big hugs and lots of love coming to you from
    Lynn xx

    • I will try maureen to see if she’s heard anything. I just friended Leslie on face book and there is family listed so I can try them also. If I hear anything I will quickly get back with you. Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement I am truely blessed to have you 🙂
      Love you very much my dear friend

      • Good news that our dear friend has been in contact 🙂 Such relief and now let us hope that the power of love we all have for her will help lift that black curtain. Thank you so much for contacting Maureen 🙂
        Big hugs and much love
        Lynn xx

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