Snow , Snow and more Snow

Well it’s spring break and we are having a blizzard !! we are forecasted to get up to 10 inches of snow!! Last year at this time we were having record breaking heat for 8 days in a row. Yikes we are having power interruptions I hope we don’t lose power tonight. the snow is very wet so it’s very heavy meaning downed power lines are possible especially for those of us in a rural type setting. Keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚
Brian’s step Mom (JUDY) underwent triple bypass surgery on Thursday the 21st and is doing very well and My Dad will have his knee surgery on the 21st of April. He is not having the complete replacement since he says he’s older and if he can get the laprascopic one why go through all the pain and be down when this has helped him before.
Jasmine fell in the bathtub the other night and we thought she broke her arm but thankfully it is only sprained and bruised up pretty bad. It works out good because she is on break and we wont have to keep her out. We got the school grades and Ariel is on the possible failing list but are finally getting some attention from school staff to get her some help in the subjects she struggles with. Will is struggling terribly with his studies too and we had a big meeting with the school to get his I.E.P. modified to better help him. Crazy thing is the way they rate his progress year to year. All this time we have been concerned about his actual grades and they are worried about his independent skills ?? So the meeting has helped.
I have found my desk it is pretty big and I am going to reuse my shelves and little file cabinet. It wont be all matching but I will be happy with it. Now I need to pack stuff up so I can make room to get it. Brian also surprised Melissa and I yesterday with a shopping trip while he watched all the kiddies at the play place at the Mall in Chamapign. we all had lunch together and then we went to Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Target. I was able to have a craft shopping spree and they had some great sales so I got several new spellbinders sets a couple sizzix dies, a couple embossing folders, some washi tape, distress stickles, glimmer spray, a few clear stamp sets, some bakers twine, and my first ever Tim Holtz paper stacks, and a couple edge punches. Can you say Very Happy Camper!! He is so sweet and I went armed with my 40% off coupons and got some great clearance deals. Now I am all set to play but need to pack them up πŸ™‚ I guess this will spur me on to get my work done.
How are you all doing? Lynn I am sorry I didn’t answer your comment it got lost in my emails. I did see your posts and love your creations!! Any news on the sale of your home? and are you getting warm weather yet? We’ve had some warm days in the 60’s and them bouts of cold guess we will just have to be patient and wait on Spring to get here.
How are you Leslie? Are you all faring well out on the road? getting into anymore of this crazy weather? How is Joe? I have missed your informative posts. Well I had better get my rowdy offspring thinking about going to bed for the night we get the small ones early in the morning so there will be no sleeping in for us. Unless the roads are bad and they close down Melissa’s work.
Sending you much love and warm hugs.

2 thoughts on “Snow , Snow and more Snow

  1. Hope your MIL recovers well from her major surgery and that your father goes through his surgery next month okay.
    Oh the worry of children seems to be never ending doesn’t it? We worry over them as babes and even when they finally grow up to start their own lives we still fret and worry. Poor Jasmine, that must be painful! Thank heavens there is no school for a while.
    Oh the weather is driving us nuts here too – it has been bitterly cold for well over a week with strong easterly winds driving down the temperatures and bringing unprecedented amounts of snow. Some parts of the country have had such deep snowfalls that they have been without power since last Friday and in some areas can’t even get out of their houses with the amount of snow piled up against them!! Apparently it is the coldest March for 50 years!! Coming all the way from Siberia. The cold weather looks set to stay well into next week. Last March it was very warm and there was talk of hose pipe bans which caused the rain to fall and hardly stopped so we are hoping for a decent summer πŸ™‚
    I’m not tempting providence regarding the house sale until all is signed and sealed πŸ™‚
    Woohoo on your new desk and a good spend on new craft items. As soon as your craft space is straight you will be able to have a great time playing with all your new toys πŸ˜€

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxx

  2. Shelly, you are in the thick of it still. I hope your Mother-In-Law is doing well after her heart surgery. Brian must be beside himself with worry. I hope your Dad will find relief in his knee once his surgery has been done and he recovers quickly. Poor Jasmine and her sprained arm, that has got to be uncomfortable. Ariel, poor girl, is trying as hard as she can with the school work and she must be really frustrated. What the heck is up with the school people? Concern over Will and his ability to take care of himself when he is old enough to be on his own is not something they need to focus on right now. Crazy business that is.

    Your Brian is such a fantastic man. And not just because he cared for all the children while you and Melissa had a “Shop til you drop” day. I’m glad to see you are making plans for your crafting space. I hope you take some BEFORE and AFTER photos of your space as it finally comes together.

    Love you my dear friend – Leslie

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