Crafty space pretty much done and I love it !!

Hello my dear friends.
My area is mostly finished just a few tweaks then I think I will be done. I have taken many photos of the process but need to make myself downsize them and get them posted. In the midst of my hospital stays with my Mom I somehow lost the charging cord for my camera so the second battery is almost dead like the first one 😦 Brian found a replacement one on ebay and ordered it for me so the camera will be back in working order soon. I have been using Brian’s camera in the mean time. I have been busy making a inventory sheet as I put things away in the hopes I will make things easier to find and use plus I don’t want to purchase doubles like I did of card stock a few years back lol I know I’m not the only one to do this 🙂 but how much summer sun cardstock does one woman need??? a lot apparently around here. 🙂
We have been getting downpours of rain lately and the temperatures vary from the mid 30’s to the 80’s !!! We are having flash flooding but we are all well here. The kids have about 4 weeks of school til summer vacation so I am getting their craft supplies handy in case we have tons of rain or the crazy heat we had last year.
Heather is doing well with her pregnancy and has been told she will have a boy and he is to be named Zachary Scott. He is due at the end of June.
My Dad had surgery on his right knee last Thursday and opted to not have knee replacement just repair He is doing very well and if all continues to go well (I expect it too )He will have the left knee repaired in about a month.
I still continue to have some hard days but I know that will just take time to adjust to the changes. I have been checking everyone’s blog posts please forgive me for not posting replies I have no excuse just haven’t been on my laptop as much as I was. I am finally getting my turn with the stomach bug these last days ugh good thing it only lasts a few days and the weekend is here, I’m hoping I am the only one who gets it. A few weeks ago both Jasmine and Will had to have teeth extracted Jasmine’s a baby tooth that was being stubborn and giving her adult tooth some problems. Will on the other hand had a small deep filling in September in his back molar and had to have it re-done because it still caused him a lot of pain So after many a few months we opted to have it removed and Wow it was the biggest tooth I’ve ever seen and the dentist said the same thing!! I think all will work out because it is making room for his wisdom tooth which is already breaking through. Brian took a picture of it I will post it when I get the others all ready for my post.
I hope this finds you all well and getting crafty if you can. I want to leave you with a quote I received this morning from a blog I follow called the Generous Wife ( a very good blog filled with a wealth of wisdom even on some touchy subjects ) Kinda been a bit melancholy lately.
Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark journey with us. Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind. Henri-Frederic Amiel

I truly have a deep love for each of you my wonderful friends which I’ve been blessed with through this amazing world wide web and our love for paper crafting.

Much love and many big warm hugs


In the midst of my Craft corner makeover !!

Hello Crafty Friends 🙂
Wow this has turned out to be a bit more than I thought it would…… Can you say too much stuff!!!! I still have about 6 boxes to find a place for and am still scratching my head as to how I had everything crammed into it before ?? I am using the same shelves and have more desk room so I need to find some totes to pack some things away till I get it all figured out. The setup is not what I had envisioned but I like it. I was able to hit the craft stores in Champaign and spent some of my gift money on some crafty goodies. I got new some spellbinder sets and some Tim Holtz dies, and my first ever paper stacks by him. I found some awesome clearance deals and used my 40% off coupons along with hitting the sales so I was able to pick up several of the things that had been on my wish list. I can’t wait to get the corner cleaned up so I can start to play. I have taken some photos and still have to edit them and get it, posted hopefully I will get to that this evening that’s the plan anyway. I need to feed my smallish peeps some lunch then run a few errands before the others get home from school. Talk to you soon.

Love and Hugs,