School’s out for summer !!

HI there

Been checking blogs but been lazy about commenting, Sorry.  My plans of having my house ready for summer have fallen to the way side although I did get some of it done. I have been collecting things to keep the kids busy on the hot hot- hot days or when it’s raining cats and dogs. My computer charger is out again the one I had  Jordan gave me and he’d had it years so the actual computer posts may be slim for awhile I will have to use my phone or tablet which I’m still learning both. I somehow deleted all my crafty space photos ugh!!  Been crazy around here as is normal  🙂  Will got bit by a squirrel on Friday all the way to the bone on his thumb trying to put a baby bird back into its nest. My girls are doing good and looking forward to the summer of junque journaling. Sierra and Levi want to paint so we have that covered too. Will is another story between boy and man so he gets restless and its hard to find things for him to do. My Dad will need yard help so that should keep them both busy.

For me I’m still wavering between bouts of feeling ok then the next sobbing like a fool in the oddest places I’m sure people look at me and wonder if I’m insane. I mean how upsetting can one grocery isle be !!  The windmill farm just leaves me in a heap and I can see them from my front door so I cant avoid them. any way don’t want to be a downer so I press on and hope that the peace comes sooner than later but will just roll with it as that’s all I can do. I love each of you and have had you in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you all happy crafting, safe journeys, or whatever you are doing today.

Take care my dear friends and I’ll be in touch soon.