Here we go again

Hello my Friends,
So here I go again with my lost post. I haven’t been able to find the ones I’ve lost I’m sure I did something wrong lol. Anyway enough of this jabbering on.
The weather here is still wacky and the kids have only been in school 10 days this month with the warning of more sub zero weather from Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon which makes me think we may have Monday and Tuesday off too. The kids are getting stir crazy but I don’t want to have kids out exposed to the elements. So we will make the best of it.
My Dad is healing up better than the Doctors expected. He gets his staples out on Monday and has been doing very well in physical therapy. They say He will in for a few more weeks, both he and his little doggies are missing each other.
I did manage to get a bit of my desk cleaned off and plan on getting a bit more done today. The small ones have been here most of the week and Levi is so much help 🙂 Jordan and Melissa had the pipes freeze up again and have been blocking off rooms in the house to keep the pipes warned so we’ve kept the kids.
So I’ll pop off here so I can get my Dad’s little doggies fed and then get my hungry crew some lunch.

Take care friends.
Love and hugs to you all,


Some crazy weather and an update on my Dad

Hello All
It’s been a crazy few weeks of weather. The last post I made we had -35 degrees then a few days ago it was in the low 50s with most of the snow melting then this morning more snow which caused many accidents on the interstate causing it to be closed down and re-routed through the rural route in our town. Of course today was the day my Dad was released from the hospital to go to a skilled nursing facility for his rehabilitation for a few weeks. He is doing very well so he shouldn’t have to be away from home for very long. All this is good because he is missing his little doggies and they are missing him too. My Sister and I along with a friend of his are going over to feed and sit with them which has allowed us to do some surprise house work for him. I hope you are all well and getting some crafty goodness for yourselves. I have photographed my planner and have even made a couple hand drawing doodles while at the hospital waiting room. I will have to snap a few pics of them to share. I got a watercolor paint set for Christmas and want to give it a try soon. I did however get to try out my colored pencil coloring which I’m pretty happy with a bit of craftiness for me. 🙂 ok I need to get onto other things so I’ll sign off for now and talk with you all later.

Love and hugs,

Snowy week

Hello everyone!!
I thought I’d share a few photos of the snowy weekend. We had about 8-10 inches of snow and bitter cold temperatures of -30 degrees below zero. Brrrr it was cold !! We had Ice inside of our west-facing windows in the living room and my bedroom and Ice around our metal door frame at the back door. There was snow piled up on the porch making it hard to open the front door. there is also a few shots of the big snow flakes looking out the door. a couple shots of the roads as we ventured out a few days later. We all fared well and thankfully school was back in session today, The kids have been home since December 20th and we all needed a break form each other. I am hoping to be able to post more frequently as I try to manage my time more wisely with the help of the planner I’m working on. I will have a post on it tomorrow I think as I have taken photos and have them ready to upload. Thanks Leslie for the web addresses I down loaded a few things and marked the pages for future reference. Take care friends .

Love and hugs,