Snowy week

Hello everyone!!
I thought I’d share a few photos of the snowy weekend. We had about 8-10 inches of snow and bitter cold temperatures of -30 degrees below zero. Brrrr it was cold !! We had Ice inside of our west-facing windows in the living room and my bedroom and Ice around our metal door frame at the back door. There was snow piled up on the porch making it hard to open the front door. there is also a few shots of the big snow flakes looking out the door. a couple shots of the roads as we ventured out a few days later. We all fared well and thankfully school was back in session today, The kids have been home since December 20th and we all needed a break form each other. I am hoping to be able to post more frequently as I try to manage my time more wisely with the help of the planner I’m working on. I will have a post on it tomorrow I think as I have taken photos and have them ready to upload. Thanks Leslie for the web addresses I down loaded a few things and marked the pages for future reference. Take care friends .

Love and hugs,


2 thoughts on “Snowy week

  1. Heavens to Mergatroid!! You got slammed by the cold. Awesome photos you have taken. I liked the frosted windows. I know sleeping next to that cold window was no picnic but the crystal shapes are beautiful. And the pile of snow at your doorway, the kids must have loved that. Bet you had to tell them to shut the door more than once on that one LOL.

    I’m glad to see a post from you and know that you are all well. Good to know that you found some of the links I sent you worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Love you my friend – Leslie

  2. Oh Shelly that looks awful weather! We have been hearing on the news what dreadful conditions the USA and Canada have been suffering under and that cold weather has caused the jet stream to go into super speed and bring horrendous storms to our shores. We have had gale force winds, storm surges over the seas, and terrific rain. The combination of high tides, storm surges and gale force winds have brought about tremendous high seas which have caused havoc all along our coastline including loss of life when people have been washed out to sea. So many people have had their homes and businesses flooded and others had no power when the power lines were brought down by falling trees and high winds and all over Christmas. The storms have been rocking our little country for over 5 weeks now and there are still parts of the country where the people are coping with flooded homes and roads.
    All in all this has been a horrible weather time for everyone.
    Hope the snow soon melts away and you have warmer weather which makes it easier to stay warm, travel and for the children to get to school.
    Love Lynn xx

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